The Winter Wildcards promotion has seen tons of new and exciting items land in FC 24, including out-of-position “Shapeshifters.”

For those unaware, Shapeshifters are items that switch position to one they wouldn’t be associated with. For example, Icon Lev Yashin, typically a GK, now has an item that can play CB.

In the EA Sports soccer game franchise, these items are typically left until the game’s final months. However, the early inclusion has not gone down well with a portion of the player base.

FC 24 Fans Get Vocal About Early Shapeshifters

A Reddit thread criticizing EA Sports for releasing Shapeshifters in December has gained much traction, with many in the comments agreeing with the original post.

The user Ok_Yogurtcloset_7151, who wrote the post, says that bringing these items out in December is making FC 24 “a joke of a game.”

This sentiment seems highly held within the community, with many of the 177 replies stating similar. This user says they don’t mind slight position changes this early as long as they aren’t too unrealistic. However, the current items are “too much.”

Meanwhile, this FC 24 gamer was disappointed that Casemiro’s Winter Wildcards was not a CDM but instead an ST.

It isn’t just Reddit, where players are showing their frustration at these releases. This X/Twitter user feels players in their position should be prioritized.

Notably, FC 24 is not the first time “Shapeshifters” have featured as part of Winter Wildcards. In FIFA 22’s version of this promotion, there was a CF item for Fabinho, who is typically a CDM.

Furthermore, in FIFA 23, Karim Benzema, a CF, was given an item that gave him stats to play as a central midfielder.

Former Shapeshifters Winter Wildcards

However, some gamers are happy that these items are in Ultimate Team. They believe it makes FC 24 more fun.

Whether you are on the side for these wacky, out-of-position items or if you do not like them, you will always have the choice of if you use them.

If a CB Yashin doesn’t appeal to you, you can ignore him and use a different player. However, you may still run into them on the opposing team.

At the end of the day, Ultimate Team is about building your dream team, and perhaps an outfield goalkeeper is part of that!

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