FC 24 players are making themselves vocal about their unhappiness at the current pack weight from their FUT Champs Rewards and the removal of red TOTW picks.

EA Sports has significantly transformed FUT Champs Rewards by replacing the weekly red player picks with high-rated player packs.

As the game has officially been out for a few weeks, FC 24 players are increasingly unhappy with these changes. Let’s dive into the reasons behind this frustration.

EA FC 24 Players Angry With Pack Weight & No Red Picks

EA FC 24 players are beginning to get vocal about the pack weight in Ultimate Team, complaining that “it feels impossible to pack an 88+ card.”

The discussion about the pack weight began on a Reddit post by user Sideslickxxx, with many other gamers agreeing with their assessment.

According to the subreddit post, players’ struggle to improve their team each week is the most significant issue gamers face. These users feel like there are limited ways to upgrade their squad.

One person says they have completed nearly every Objective in the game and played every Weekend League. Still, they have been unable to boost the level of their team.

byu/Sideslickxxx from discussion

Meanwhile, another player believes in FIFA 23, they would already have been able to complete both the Rodyrgo and Alvarez SBCs.

byu/Sideslickxxx from discussion

While many players are complaining about the level of pack weight, it is worth noting that getting high-tier players from packs relies on luck.

The feeling that pack weight is worse this year could be down to the arrival of female players in FC 24. With the addition of 5 major women’s leagues, there are more players than ever within the game.

This only increases the number of players you can pack and dilutes the item pool.

The complaints don’t just stop at packs. FC 24 users are also unhappy with the removal of Red TOTW picks from FUT Champs rewards.

Every week, Weekend League players would compete for player picks containing items from the latest TOTW. This would give them a better shot at obtaining high-tier players.

They were a distinct item within the game, and acquiring one of the top players from that week carried the prestige of owning a card that not many gamers had.

However, not everyone shared this sentiment, and opinions were split. Players reminded the user that red picks were not always great.

One user believes they get more value from rewards in EA FC 24.

For those who hoped that red player picks wouldn’t be permanently removed from the game, there is good news. When the developers revealed the reward changes, they did confirm that red player picks wouldn’t be gone forever.

This doesn’t mean that Ultimate Team Champions Players will be gone forever. Instead, we’ll be focusing on how and when they show up in Ultimate Team throughout the year.

EA Sports FC

So, in the near future, we could see the return of the weekly red player picks. However, they may come in a different format than TOTW items.

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