It is not often EA Sports gifts its fanbase with free content, but FC 24 players are reporting receiving a Draft Token in-game.

The Ultimate Team Draft typically costs players 15,000 coins or 300 FC points to enter. However, you can play for free with a Draft Token. Winning in this mode can earn you high-value packs and lots of coins!

Now, many gamers in the community are stating they have been credited with a token but are confused about the reasons why.

Players Receive Free FUT Draft Token in EA FC 24

EA Sports has recently distributed free FUT Draft Tokens to select players, raising questions and curiosity among the FC 24 community.

Upon launching the game, recipients of these tokens encounter a message from the FC Team confirming they have received a FUT Draft Token. However, what remains unclear to many is the motive behind this generous gesture.

FC 24 Free Draft Token Message

While those fortunate enough to get one will appreciate the free token, they took to X to express their bemusement at the situation.

It is a rare occurence that EA Sports provides free content for its community. So, the arrival of a free token took players by surprise.

Meanwhile, others are reporting they have not received the Draft Token in their account.

However, EA’s website has confirmed that this token is part of the October set of EA Play rewards.

Gamers with a subscription to EA Play anytime between October 24 – November 14 will receive this token in their account.

Those on the receiving end of this gift will undoubtedly take advantage, so if you have got one, head into Draft and attempt to get some high-value rewards!

FC 24 Free Draft Token October EA Play
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