FC 24 fans are laughing at the hilarious Management Change Upgrade SBC due to how pointless and worthless it is.

Upgrade SBCs can be a lot of fun. You can exchange those unneeded items for a chance at higher OVR players. However, this time, you exchange an entire squad of players for a manager player pick.

The community quickly reacted to this SBC, finding it extremely funny.

Community Reacts to Manager SBC

The Management Change Upgrade SBC requires FC 24 players to submit a full squad of players that make an 81 OVR team.

The community found it hilarious as this SBC is terrible value; getting every player at the lowest price of 600 coins would mean it costs 6,600 coins. However, managers on the Transfer Market have a maximum price cap of 5,000 coins.

This player reacts to the SBC simply by saying it is hilarious.

byu/FIGJAM17 from discussion

Meanwhile, this user is in disbelief at what was released.

byu/FIGJAM17 from discussion

Another person reacts with a meme, saying, “We’ve hit rock bottom” regarding the Management Change Upgrade SBC.

Management Change Upgrade SBC

It is certainly not the most exciting content EA Sports has ever dropped. The reasoning behind this SBC is most likely because French managers are extinct on the Ultimate Team market.

However, to combat this, it would have made more sense for the developers to increase the price range of these items.

Instead, they have released an overvalued SBC that players will remember for a long time for all the wrong reasons. It would have been good value if the squad was available to complete for close to 1,000 coins.

We certainly had a laugh when we first saw the requirements and it looks like the rest of the community did as well. Let’s hope the next day of content is more exciting!

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