The “Finisher” Evolution has arrived in FC 24 and it looks fantastic! This upgrade focuses on your RWs, supplying them with a deadly +1 weak foot and the powerful Trivela PlayStyle+.

As with all Evo’s, you can select many players, making it a tough choice. “Finisher” is no different, and we are here to help make your decision easier.

You will also have to pay to complete it, so we have left our thoughts on whether it is worth the 100,000 coins or 500 FC Points.

Let’s get into everything you need to know, including the requirements, the expiry, and our top picks for this Evolution.

Requirements & Expiry

Here are all of the requirements for the Finisher Evolution:

  • Position = RW
  • Max. Overall = 86
  • Max. Pace = 92
  • Max. Finishing = 88
  • Max. Passing = 90
  • Max Playstyles+ = 0
  • Must Not Be CM
FC 24 Finisher Evolution Requirements


The Finisher Evolution is available until January 26, 2024, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT. However, once you unlock it, you will have until February 2, 2024, 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT to complete the Evolution.

  • Unlock within:
  • Expires in:

Best Players

The best players, in our opinion, for the Finisher Evolution are:

Evo’s in your club

Our first suggestion is to check your club for any former Evolutions. If any fit in it, we recommend using them to continue their progress.

This is the route we will take, as we will upgrade our 84 OVR Kaide Gordon to an 87!

FC 24 Finisher Evolution For Kaide Gordon

Phil Foden (TOTW)

If you do not have any previous Evolutions that fit, our first pick is TOTW Phil Foden. Looking at his stats below, we don’t see any issues. He has good pace and excellent shooting, passing, and dribbling.

With the upgraded weak foot and the Trivela+, he will most likely be one of the best CAMs in FC 24. You will need to give him a Chemistry Style to boost his Sprint Speed.

Foden Evolution

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

This evolved “Kvaradona” is insane. Not only does he have both 5★ skill moves and a weak foot, but his stats are exceptional.

He is on the slow side for a winger, but this is nothing a Hunter Chemistry Style can’t solve: his 91 Vision, 90 Attacking Position, and 90 Finishing standouts.

Kvaratskhelia Evolution

Fran Kirby (Triple Threat)

We couldn’t believe what we saw when we found this Fran Kirby Evolution. Just look below, and it is a sea of dark green!

Genuinely, there are no issues with this item other than the 75 Stamina. With 5★ Weak Foot and incredible dribbling, it will be hard to stop her.

Fran Kirby Evolution

Kingsley Coman (TOTW)

If it’s a Bundesliga option you want, Coman looks fantastic. He has strong shooting and great passing, but his dribbling makes him stand out.

With his 5★ skill moves, he will be a dribbling machine on either wing.

Coman FC 24 Finisher Evolution

Is It Worth Doing?

Yes, we believe this FC 24 Finisher Evolution is worth doing for its 100,000 coins or 500 FC Points cost, as it offers a lot of significant boosts with the most notable being:

  • +1 Weak Foot
  • Trivela+
  • +5 Passing
  • +6 Finishing

So get into FC 24 and start evolving your RW!

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