TOTY is here, and EA Sports has kicked it off with a bang, introducing what could be one of the best additions to Ultimate Team – the Exchange SBCs.

For months, the menu grinders have been asking for a repeatable way of stocking their club with players and completing player SBCs. Now, thanks to these new additions, you can get tons of fodder.

Imagine you pack an 89 OVR duplicate, which is worth 30,000 coins. Typically, you would have nowhere to put them other than a player SBC, which you may not want.

Now, you can turn that one item into 51! We will certainly take full advantage of it, and it seems the community is super excited about it, too.

FC 24 Exchange SBCs Loved by Community

The new Exchange SBCs, which allow you to submit duplicate high-rated fodder in return for player packs, have been received exceptionally well by the community.

These new Squad Building Challenges let you use items rated 85-89 OVR to earn extra packs rather than waste the duplicate by quick-selling it.

In return for submitting these high overall players, you will receive:

  • 85 OVR – 7 Players Pack (2 Rares)
  • 86 OVR – 11 Players Pack (4 Rares)
  • 87 OVR – 19 Players Pack (6 Rares)
  • 88 OVR – 27 Players Pack (8 Rarers)
  • 89 OVR – 51 Players Pack (14 Rares)
Exchange SBCs in FC 24

This new arrival has been praised by FC 24 players, with many feeling like this is one of the best menu grinds in Ultimate Team.

This Duplicate Exchange will be beneficial for those who have saved tons of packs!

Meanwhile, others believe this should be permanent within the game rather than just last until February 2, 2024.

byu/Juil8991MC from discussion

With the TOTY players in packs, these Exchange SBCs are going to be fantastic. For instance, if you put an 89 OVR player into the SBC and then get another 85-89 rated fodder item, you will get even more items.

When it comes to the common gold players, you can use them to grind the Premium Mixed League Upgrade SBC to earn even more packs!

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