As a Winger in FC 24 Pro Clubs, you will need to be able to do anything in attack, and with this build, you will have the best chance of doing so.

As a Winger, your role involves a lot more than dribbling and fancy tricks – it’s about creating chances, whether by dribbling past defenders, cutting inside, finessing the ball top bins, or delivering accurate passes.

So, let’s head on to what you need to do in order to create this build. You will turn into Neymar or Messi out on the wing!

Height & Weight

Here is the height and weight you need to set for this Winger build:

  • Position: RW or LW
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 99 lbs

With these attributes, you will have excellent pace, balance, and agility while maintaining a decent height to outjump defenders from back post crosses.

Pairing this build with the best ST in Clubs will be a fantastic goal-creating duo!

FC 24 Clubs Best Winger Build Height and Weight


Here are the best PlayStyles you will need to create this FC 24 Clubs Winger build:

  • Rapid+
  • Quick Step+
  • Finesse Shot
  • Whipped Pass
  • Technical
  • Press Proven
  • Relentless
  • Trivela

With these PlayStyles, you will be super fast, able to score from multiple scenarios and maintain stamina while running up and down the wing all game.

FC 24 Clubs Best Winger Build PlayStyles

Skill Point Allocation

Here is where you will need to place your Skill Points for this FC 24 Winger build:

  • Pace – 43 Skill Points
FC 24 Clubs Best Winger Build Pace
  • Shooting – 34 Skill Points
Shooting for Winger
  • Passing – 19 Skill Points
Passing for Winger
  • Dribbling – 64 Skill Points
Dribbling for Winger

Copy this build, and have fun running down the wing! We know some of you will want 5★ Skill Moves; in this case, take the Finisher Archetype off shooting and add the extra skills!

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