Playing as a Striker (ST) in FC 24 Pro Clubs is one of the most popular positions, and if you have reached Level 100 or are close to it, then you will want to have the best build.

In this role, you will become both a goalscorer and a creator. This build is focused on pace, shooting, and dribbling, allowing you to beat the opposing defenders effectively.

So, without delay, let’s get into all of the details and everything you need to create this Striker build in FC 24 Clubs.

Height & Weight

Here are all of the physical traits you need to create the best Striker (ST) build in FC 24 Clubs:

  • Position: ST
  • Height: 6’0″
  • Weight: 99 lbs

With these attributes, you will have a mix of strength, pace, and dribbling. It allows you to score in the box in any situation, including from crosses.

Additionally, if one of your teammates has the Long Throw PlayStyle, you can score creative goals by launching the ball into the box.

FC 24 Clubs Best Striker Build - Height and Weight


Here are the best PlayStyles to use for this Striker (ST) build in FC 24 Clubs:

  1. Finesse Shot+
  2. Quick Step+
  3. Power Header
  4. Tiki Taka
  5. Rapid
  6. Press Proven
  7. Trivela
  8. Acrobatic

With these PlayStyles, you will have a mix of physical presence as well as shooting ability.

When your teammates cross the ball, you will have a Power Header to divert powerful attempts at goal or Acrobatic for more accurate volleys.

With Finesse Shot+ and Trivela, you will have a multitude of ways to score goals.

FC 24 Clubs Best Striker Build - PlayStyles

Skill Point Allocation

Here is where you will need to place all of your Skill Points. Just follow the attribute trees as shown below:

  • Pace – 43 Skill Points
FC 24 Clubs Best Striker Build - Pace
  • Shooting – 47 Skill Points
Shooting Skill Tree
  • Dribbling – 69 Skill Points
Dribbling Skill Tree

With this allocation, you will have one Skill Point left over, which we simply use on Short Passing. This is the build we use when playing Striker in FC 24 Clubs, and it has been one of the best setups we have tried.

So create this Pro, head on into matches, and make your way up to the Elite Division!

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