Playing as your Club’s CDM is not an easy role, which is why you will need the best build in FC 24 to deal with opponent players.

The defensive midfielder is not a desirable position, but it is an extremely important one. You will have to break down attacks, stop counters, and push the ball forward for quick breakaways.

With this build we have been using, it creates the perfect CDM. You will have no issues in winning the ball back, and you will have phenomenal passing.

Height & Weight

Here are the physical attributes you will want to select for this FC 24 CDM Build:

  • Position: RB
  • Height: 6’0″
  • Weight: 152 lbs

The reason why you set yourself to an RB is that it offers better all-around stats for a CDM. You will have more base pace and dribbling.

FC 24 Clubs Best CDM Build Physical Attributes


Here are the best PlayStyles for this CDM build in FC 24 Clubs:

  1. Anticipate+
  2. Long Ball+
  3. Tiki Taka
  4. Block
  5. Intercept
  6. Bruiser
  7. Quick Step
  8. Aerial

With these traits, you have the perfect balance between retrieving the ball and getting the ball up the field.

Anticipate+ will make your standing tackles more successful. Long Ball+ will ensure you can create chances from deep by spreading the ball out to the wings quickly.

FC 24 Clubs Best CDM Build PlayStyles

Skill Points Allocation

Here is where you will need to allocate all of your Skill Points in FC 24 Clubs:

  • Pace – 43 Skill Points
FC 24 Clubs Best CDM Build Pace
  • Passing – 47 Skill Points
Passing CDM Build
  • Shooting – 8 Skill Points
Shooting CDM Build
  • Dribbling – 31 Skill Points
Dribbling CDM Build
  • Defending – 31 Skill Points
Defending CDM Build

That is everything you need for the Best CDM Build in FC 24 Clubs. This is a mix of a pacey ball-winner and a physical destroyer.

We use this as our DM setup, and it has done well in the high divisions so far.

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