Playing as the CAM in FC 24 Pro Clubs is no easy task, as you are the one feeding the ball into the strikers – with this build, you will be one of the best No.10s in the mode!

As the CAM, you are the link between midfield and attack. You will have to create chances, and with this setup, there will be no issues.

So let’s head on in and showcase this attacking midfielder build, which we have been using in the Elite Division of Clubs.

Height & Weight

For this FC 24 Clubs CAM Build, you will want to set your height and weight at the following:

  • Position: LW or RW
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Weight: 99 lbs

Setting yourself as a LW or RW is very important. This position has higher base stats, which suit the CAM role better. You get added pace, agility, and balance.

FC 24 Clubs Best CAM Build Weight and Height


Here are the best PlayStyles for this FC 24 Clubs CAM build:

  • Incisive Pass+
  • Long Ball+
  • Pinged Pass
  • Tiki Taka
  • Technical
  • Rapid
  • Quick Step
  • Trivela

This build has 4 out of the 5 possible passing PlayStyles. You should have no issues sliding excellent passes to the attackers.

Additionally, the Rapid, Quick Step and Technical traits mean you will also be decent at dribbling.

FC 24 Clubs Best CAM Build PlayStyles

Skill Point Allocation

Here is where to use up your Skill Points for this build:

  • Pace – 25 Skill Points
FC 24 Clubs Best CAM Build Pace
  • Shooting – 20 Skill Points
FC 24 Clubs Best CAM Build Shooting
  • Passing – 51 Skill Points
Best CAM Build Passing
  • Dribbling – 64 Skill Points
Best CAM Build Dribbling

That is the best CAM build in FC 24 Clubs! We have been using this in the Elite Division, and it has been working wonders for us.

So set your Pro up like this, head on into a match and see all of the goals you can create!

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