A brand new Evolution has gone live in FC 24 called the Centurions Upgrade Evolution. However, players are confused about why EA would release an Evo that only works for four players, leaving them underwhelmed.

Evolutions are meant to create club legends, either boosting low-tier items in meta cards or bringing up players from your favorite team.

However, the latest options for the Centurions Upgrade Evolution, in our opinion, are not great, nor are they appealing, and the community is not very excited either.

Centurions Upgrade Evolution Only Fits 4 Players

The Centurions Upgrade Evolution can only be used on four players due to the requirements it needs. The players are:

  • Centurions Andrich
  • Centurions Dunk
  • Centurions Muniain
  • Centurions Ryerson
Centurions Upgrade Evolution Options
Upgraded versions of the available Centurions items.

These players meet the criteria as they all fall under each of the categories below:

  • Max. 85 Overall
  • Max. 87 Pace
  • Min. 53 Shooting
  • Centurions Rarity

The reaction from the FC 24 community hasn’t been positive, and we do not blame them. With only four available options, this Evolution seems almost pointless.

Additionally, it only offers minimal stat boosts. One user couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

Other players were initially excited as they thought they could use their Evo’d Centurion items from the Sharpshooter or Box-to-Box options.

It is worth noting that this Evolution is available until November 18, 2023, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT. This means there could be better options in Team 2 or perhaps from an SBC.

Either way, this Evolution doesn’t overly excite us, and it appears the rest of the community feels the same. If you pack a Centurions Lewis Dunk, he looks to be the best option.

We wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to purchase one from the Transfer Market.

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