Players working through the new EA FC 24 SBCs encounter an error when submitting a working solution for the ‘A Better Buildup’ challenge.

On the second challenge of Foundations V, A Better Buildup, some players receive the error “Failed to Complete SBC” even when submitting a legitimate solution.

Here’s how to fix it so you can move on and complete the group:

How to Fix ‘A Better Buildup’ SBC Failing to Submit

If the “A Better Buildup” SBC (part of Foundations V) fails to submit for you in EA FC 24, you need to make sure that both your RCM and CDM can play as both CDM and CM.

If it still doesn’t work, switch the three players around and click submit. Try this multiple times, and it should eventually be successfully submitted.

You can check a player’s alternative positions by selecting them and going to their Player Bio.

Example of a player who can play as a CM/CDM FC 24 alternate positions
This is an example of a player who can play both CDM and CM

This is also the same issue that appeared last year. The error occurs because the formation used to be 5-3-2 (with 3 CMs), but EA changed it to 5-1-2-2 (CDM & 2 CMs), likely creating an issue in the code somewhere.

Cheapest A Better Buildup Foundations V SBC Solution

We have also created our own cheap, working solution for the Better Buildup SBC below, with each player costing no more than 200 Coins:

Player NamePositionsPriceLeagueNation
Michael CraigCDM/CM150 or 200 CoinsEFL League OneScotland
Dylan McGeouchCDM/CM150 or 200 CoinsEFL League OneScotland
Scott AllardiceCDM/CM150 or 200 Coinscinch PremScotland
EA FC 24 A Better Buildup SBC Solution
Cheapest EA FC 24 SBC Solution for “A Better Buildup” Foundations V
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