The 71 Depth tactic in EA FC 24 has been plaguing the online modes, making it incredibly difficult for players to retain the ball, but now a counter has been found.

The current Ultimate Team meta allows gamers to run custom tactics with a depth set to 71. This causes their team to push higher, squeezing the pitch and making it challenging for the opposition to hold the ball.

However, a user on Reddit has now explained how they have effectively countered the overpowered high depth. Here is what they have used.

How to Counter 71 Depth in EA FC 24

The best way to counter the 71 Depth tactics in EA FC 24 is to use the 4-2-3-1 formation and set one of your CDM instructions to:

  • Cover Center
  • Deep Lying Playmaker
  • Get Forward

This is according to Reddit User Bekindre, who says it helped them as an average player.

We suggest setting up two tactics: your regular tactic and this counter tactic. This way, you can switch to the counter if you notice someone has 71 Depth.

To set up this tactic in EA FC 24, head to your squad screen and:

  • Press L3/LS and scroll to Custom Tactics.
  • Press L2/LT and select one of the four tactics.
  • Use R1/RB to navigate to “Instructions.”
  • On one CDM, change the following:
    • Attacking Support: Get Forward
    • Defensive Position: Cover Center
    • Positional Freedom: Deep Lying Playmaker

The 71 Depth meta is common in the higher divisions, specifically Division 4 and above. Additionally, it is frequent in FUT Champs.

Having this tactic pre-emptively set up can be a great way to ensure you do not struggle in those matches where you face it.

Another reason this tactic may have worked for Bekindre could be the player they used in this role. In their squad, the deep-lying playmaker was Xavi, who has the Press Proven PlayStyle.

The 71 Depth tactic focuses on pressing, so this can be a valuable trait to look for.

This PlayStyle means players “keep close control of the ball while dribbling at jog speed and can shield the ball more effectively from stronger opponents.”

The likelihood of losing the ball decreases when the opposition presses this type of player.

Xavi is quite an expensive item, so here are some other meta players with this trait you could use instead:

  • Patri Guijjaro (FC Barcelona & Spain)
  • Frenkie de Jong (FC Barcelona & Netherlands)
  • Emre Can (Borussia Dortmund & Germany)
  • Kim Little (Arsenal & Scotland)
    • Little has the Press Proven PlayStyle+, making it more effective.
FC 24 71 Depth Counter Press Proven PlayStyle

Additionally, the Reddit post mentions that looking for midfielders with high stamina, pace, and dribbling with decent defending is an excellent way to counter the constant pressure.

The options listed above all meet these criteria. So, if you want to counter this frustrating meta, have a go at using this tactic!

How to Tell If Someone Is Using 71 Depth in EA FC 24

The only way to tell if someone is using the 71 Depth tactic in FC 24 is by looking at how high their backline is when they attack.

If 71 Depth is turned on, the opponent’s backline will be sat just in front of the halfway line. The best way to check this is by looking at the radar at the bottom middle of the screen.

FC 24 71 Depth Back Line
Position of the backline with 71 Depth turned on
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