The next Assault on Vondel reward has been activated as the Favorite Supply Box has been added to the Warzone map Vondel.

If you want to get your favorite weapons, this new item will certainly help you obtain them. For keen-eyed Warzone players, you will notice this item is not entirely new to the Warzone world.

In the original Warzone game, this item was called a “Personal Supply Box.” Of course, if you don’t know what this is or how to get one, this article will guide you through this new addition.

What Is a Favorite Supply Box in Warzone?

The Favorite Supply Box is a rare container that will give players weapons from their favorite loadout.

It is essentially a loadout drop, except you do not receive your perks or equipment. Players will only get their Primary and Secondary, one armor plate, and ammo for their weapons.

The weapons you get will be based on what your favorite loadout is or whatever guns are located in the first class. To select your favorite loadout, you must:

  • Head to Warzone main menu and go to Edit Loadouts.
  • Go to the loadout you use the most.
  • If on console, press the left-analog stick-in to bring up Options. On PC, use the mouse button to click on the setting.
  • Click set to favorite to make the loadout your default set-up.

How to Get a Favorite Supply Box in Warzone

You can only find Favorite Supply Boxes in the Warzone map Vondel. To find one, you will need to rely on luck as they are located in random areas of the map.

This item is classified as a “rare loot drop,” so getting your hands on one will prove difficult. However, once you find one make sure to use it as soon as possible.

Discovering this rare Supply Box will give you the upper hand as you can use the best weapons in the game. It will also save you money and prevent the need to risk your life going for a Loadout Drop.

Favorite Supply Box Warzone
Favorite Supply Box in Original Warzone
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