With well over 100 MW3 and MW2 weapons to try your hand at in the latest COD title, many players are looking for the fastest way to level up guns to make the most of their time.

This year’s Call of Duty has a plethora of multiplayer modes to sink your teeth into. However, some are better than others for earning XP to level your weapons.

You’ll also need to pay attention to your class setup, including the equipment you bring with you in the field.

Terminal multiplayer key art for MW3

How to Level Up Guns Fast

The best way to level up your guns fast in MW3 multiplayer is to play objective-based game modes such as Domination, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed on the Shipment map.

You also need to equip the Engineer Vest, Decoy Grenades, and DDOS Field Upgrade while you play.

Objective-based game modes will net you the most amount of XP compared to Deathmatch multiplayer modes in MW3.

Swapping weapons on Shipmas in MW3

Playing on smaller, close-quarters maps such as Rust and Shipment will also significantly increase the amount of XP you can earn, compared to larger maps.

This is because it will force you to engage with enemy players much more frequently, allowing you to rack up a much higher number of kills in the process.

Tips & Tricks

  1. First, use a Double XP token, if possible
    • You can unlock Double XP tokens by completing missions in the MW3 campaign and from the Battle Pass
    • You can also take part in Double XP events – be sure to check back to our site for when the next one is up!
Double XP tokens in MW3 menu
  1. Create a loadout that’s best suited for earning XP in MW3
    • For obvious reasons, equip the weapon you would like to level up!
    • Equip an Engineer Vest
      • This will grant you an extra Tactical Equipment slot. Your Field Upgrade will also charge faster.
    • Equip Decoy Grenades
      • Spam-throwing Decoy Grenades is a great way of earning XP passively in MW3. For any affected enemy, you’ll earn 15 XP.
      • With the Engineer Vest, you can equip up to three Decoy Grenades at a time, allowing you to earn even more XP!
    • Equip the DDOS Field Upgrade
      • When activated, the DDOS device will disable nearby enemy electronics, equipment, and some Killstreaks for a nice chunk of XP!
      • This is particularly useful for the Hardpoint and Domination game modes, as most players are likely to set down equipment to build a defense when capping a point.
Equipping Engineer Vest in MW3 loadout menu
  1. Filter the Quick Play playlist to only feature Domination, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed, and play the objective!
    • You can earn 200 XP for each captured point in Domination and Hardpoint.
    • Kill Confirmed is also a great way to earn XP, as you get 75 XP per confirmed kill for picking up Dog Tags. There are usually a lot of these lying around, so you can rack up XP pretty quickly.
    • Playing the objective while getting kills will result in a lot of XP in a small amount of time!
Quick Play Filter for Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint in MW3
  1. Play on Shipment
    • Shipment is the best map to grind for XP in MW3. Its small, close-quarters design results in frequent enemy engagements, allowing you to rack up kills extremely quickly!
    • Look for playlists that exclusively feature Shipment. Currently, there is a continuous festive-themed Shipment called Shipmas 24/7. You can see the playlist in the image below.
Highlighting Shipmas 24:7 Playlist in MW3 Multiplayer menu
  1. Play on Hardcore Mode
    • This mode has a much higher TTK, meaning that you’ll be able to get kills faster, which means more XP!
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  1. Complete Daily Challenges
    • Each Daily Challenge will net you 2500 XP, which will go a long way towards your weapon’s progression
    • You can see the Daily Challenges in the main Multiplayer menu here:
Highlighting Daily Challenges in MW3 Multiplayer menu

In addition to leveling up your guns, this is also a great way to unlock camos in Modern Warfare 3. Speaking of, find out how to get and unlock all Forged Camo challenges in MW3 here.

If you’re looking to level up your guns outside of multiplayer, make sure to check out the best way to earn XP in MW3 Zombies!

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