It will take some time if you want to level up and earn skill points in Starfield – luckily, there’s a super-fast way to farm XP on the planet Strix I so you can level up in the blink of an eye!

Every Starfield player wants to learn powerful new skills, but leveling up can be a real grind. However, if you want to earn XP and level up quickly, killing the various creatures you’ll find across the galaxy is the best way to do it.

But before you find out the best XP farming method, you’ll need to know the best planet for XP farming!

Best Planet to Farm XP & Level Up Fast in Starfield – Strix I

The best planet to farm XP in Starfield is Strix I in the Strix system. This is because it is a level 70 planet with abundant fauna, meaning that there are loads of high-level creatures to kill.

What’s more, the Flocking Nautiloos Filterers that you find in Strix I are very easy to kill, making XP farming fast and easy!

The Strix system is located in the top right of the star map, with Pyraas and Rama to its left and Fermi to its right. You’ll need a ship that can grav jump at least 21.146 light years to get there, though.

Strix System Location Starfield

Within the Strix system, you can find Strix I closest to the star in the center of the system. Once you’ve landed there, you can start the

Starfield Strix I Location

Best Way to Level Up & Farm XP Fast in Starfield

The best and fastest way to earn XP in Starfield is by turning down the difficulty to very easy, heading to Strix I, and killing all of the wildlife.

Strix I is full of high-level Flocking Nautiloos Filterers, which are very easy to kill, allowing you to earn loads of XP in a short space of time!

Farming XP and leveling up quickly on Strix I is as simple as killing as much alien wildlife as possible. However, you can also do a couple of things to boost how much XP you earn:

  • Set a landing target on Strix I away from any outposts and land on the planet
Starfield Strix I Landing Target
  • Once you have landed, sleep in your bed on the ship to get the Well-Rested bonus, which gives you 10% extra XP
    • You can also drink Boba Alien Tea to get an additional 1% XP gain for 15 minutes
      • Boba Alien Tea can be crafted using Distilled Water, Aromatic and Membrane
Starfield Sleep on Bed in Ship
  • Step out of your ship and you should see plenty of Flocking Nautiloos Filterers
    • These are the jellyfish-like creatures you should see slowly flying in the air all around you
  • Next, kill as many of them as you can to earn XP
    • As soon as you shoot one, they should all start flying towards you, making them even easier targets!
Flocking Nautiloos Filterer Starfield XP Farm Strix I
  • As you have set the difficulty to very easy, even the highest-level creatures should be easy to kill
    • This will let you kill them to farm XP quickly and safely
  • If you can’t find any more Flocking Nautiloos Filterers to kill, repeat the process by selecting a new landing target on the planet
  • Using this method, you’ll level up in no time!
Starfield Strix I XP Farm

Now you know the fastest way to level up and earn XP in Starfield, you’ll have plenty of skill points!

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