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Fastest Killing Weapon With Insane TTK in Warzone Pacific Season 3

If you’re looking for the fastest killing close-range weapon for your Rebirth and Caldera matches in Warzone Pacific Season 3, here’s what you should equip.

Season 3 of Warzone Pacific is well underway, much to the excitement of the Call of Duty fans.

Raven has introduced plenty of new events in the latest season, with the Godzilla vs Kong Operation Monarch impressing a lot of players.

However, no event is fun if you can’t rack up kills in quick succession. With that said, here’s the fastest killing weapon in Warzone Pacific Season 3 and it’s not an SMG.

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fastest killing gun in warzone pacific season 3 jak-12 loadout attachments

JAK-12 Is Still the Fastest Killing Weapon in Close Range in Warzone Pacific Season 3

While JAK-12 is not recommended by Warzone veterans because of the sheer ease with which the gun shreds enemies, the weapon is still the fastest killing gun in the game.

The Owen Gun and a plethora of SMGs have dominated the weapons meta in Warzone Pacific, ever since its release last year.

However, JAK-12 is in a league of its own, and here are the attachments you need to equip to get the best out of this demon shotgun:

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jak-12 best attachment season 3 warzone pacific

Credit to ‘IceManIsaac‘ for sharing the above loadout. While the JAK-12, like any other shotgun, has a terrible sprint to fire time, the above loadout helps lower it and enables you to move around, getting kills in quick succession.

The JAK-12, when compared to the meta Owen Gun build, has a better TTK in super close range. Although, it’s nearly impossible to land all headshots with the Owen Gun.

On the other hand, you can shoot an enemy anywhere and the JAK-12 will kill them in a couple of shots. As a result, your enemies will often rage dying to the JAK-12, making it a “toxic” gun in Warzone.

In other news, the Godzilla Skin in Operation Monarch is disappointing players. Were the expectations too high or the teasers too good?

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