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Top 20 Fastest FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Players – Highest Pace FUT Cards

Pace is king in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, so to compete you'll need quick and speedy players in your squad. Here's our guide for the top 20 fastest players in FUT 21, sorted by Pace, Sprint Speed, and Acceleration.

Having the fastest players on the pitch can add a dynamic element to your FUT 21 squad. Forwards skipping past defenders, Midfielders hurrying the ball up the pitch, or even a Defender tracking down an opposing threat.

The Pace statistic in FIFA 21 is a combination of Acceleration and Sprint Speed, and it's highly valued by FUT Managers. So follow along for our guide to the fastest FIFA 21 players available for purchase.

Remember, these prices are accurate as of October 20, 2020 and are subject to change.

Fastest FUT 21 Players (Any Position)

20. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (93 Pace)

Arsenal - 255k/230k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 87 FUT Card

One of the most lethal Strikers in the Premier League, Aubameyang is much more than just fast. He carries 93 Pace including 91 Acceleration and 94 Sprint Speed, but it doesn't stop there.

93 Positioning and 91 Finishing highlight Auba's prowess in front of goal. Four star Weak Foot and Skill Moves with his 81 Dribbling are further proof of this excellent Striker's abilities.

19. Raheem Sterling (93 Pace)

Manchester City - 99k/99.5k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Raheem Sterling 88 FUT Card

Still only 25 years old, Sterling has arrived as a world class footballer. He was always quick (96 Acceleration, 90 Sprint Speed) but he's taken his game to another level in recent years.

92 Positioning and 85 Finishing are proof of his goalscoring improvement. His Four star Skill Moves with 90 Dribbling promise he will be a delight to take on defenders.

18. Mohamed Salah (93 Pace)

Liverpool - 345k/309k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Mohamed Salah 90 FUT Card

Salah hit his stride when he signed for Liverpool in 2017, and hasn't looked back. He has impressive straight-line speed (94 Acceleration, 92 Sprint Speed) and a real nose for goal.

91 Finishing will play nicely as he comes flying in from his Right Winger position, and he's happy to take on defenders as well. 90 Dribbling with Four star Skill Moves complete one of the best Right Winger cards available.

17. Frank Acheampong (94 Pace)

Tianjin TEDA - 700/700 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Frank Acheampong 76 FUT Card

A lesser known footballer as he plays in the Chinese Super League, Acheampong is affordable speed. Only 700 FUT Coins he can absolutely fly with 93 Acceleration and 94 Sprint Speed.

He also carries 81 Dribbling and Four star Skill Moves to round out his game. An efficient card for the early months of FUT 21, Acheampong can run at defenders as well as in behind them.

16. Falaye Sacko (94 Pace)

Vitória Guimarães - 700/700 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Falaye Sacko 78 FUT Card

A Right Back who can absolutely motor up and down the touchline, Sacko is another affordable card. His 93 Acceleration and 94 Sprint Speed will pull away from backtracking Wingers and Midfielders alike.

A luxury of this card is the 91 rated Stamina, ensuring you'll be able to push the pedal for a full 90 minutes.

If you're looking for more affordable Defenders, be sure to reference our Best Value Defenders Under 5k FUT Coins. We've compiled lists for the Premier League and La Liga.

15. Leon Bailey (94 Pace)

Bayer Leverkusen - 1.1k/1.1k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Leon Bailey 80 FUT Card

A left footed Midfielder who marauds up and down the touchline, Bailey is a talented young player. His 93 Acceleration and 95 Sprint Speed will pair nicely with Four star Skill Moves and Weak Foot.

Utilize his 82 Dribbling and Skill Moves to skip past defenders and leave them in your wake down the left flank.

14. Aurélio Buto (94 Pace)

Royal Antwerp FC - 700/700 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Aurélio Buta 76 FUT Card

Another young speedster, Buta is a promising talent on the Portuguese scene. His 94 Acceleration and Sprint Speed will run away from opposing players for a full 90 minutes (89 Stamina).

Utilize the Guardian or Gladiator chemistry styles to further improve Buta's 67 rated defending.

13. Ismaïla Sarr (94 Pace)

Watford - 700/700 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Ismaïla Sarr 78 FUT Card

One of the bright young talents in the Premier League last season, Sarr is a real threat to opposing defenses. His 95 Acceleration and 94 Sprint Speed are elite, and he has the Dribbling to complement his Pace.

4 star Skill Moves with 83 Dribbling will be deadly along the right wing. Don't be bashful either as his 84 Shot Power and 80 Long Shots can put it on target from 18+ yards.

For only 700 FUT Coins Sarr truly is a bargain at this stage of FUT 21. For other valuable Premier League Midfielder purchases, reference our shopping guide for the Top Rated PL Midfielders Under 5k.

12. Chidera Ejuke (94 Pace)

CSKA Moscow - 700/650 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Chidera Ejuke 75 FUT Card

The young Nigerian is one of the premier athletes of the Russian League, highlighted by his 95 Acceleration, 93 Sprint Speed, 89 Agility, and 90 Balance. His 80 Dribbling will pair nicely with his Pace and Four star Skill Moves.

To make Ejuke most effective, use him in a side instructed to press high up the pitch. High Attacking/Defensive Work Rates will ensure he won't stop running.

11. Krépin Diatta (94 Pace)

Club Brugge - 600/500 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Krépin Diatta 77 FUT Card

The 21 year old Senegal international is one of the exciting young talents at Club Brugge. 92 Acceleration, 95 Sprint Speed, 94 Jumping and 91 Agility, showcase his elite athletic ability.

83 Dribbling with Four star Skill Moves will give defenders grief for a full 90 minutes. 88 Stamina ensures Diatta won't be so quick to tail off.

10. Iñaki Williams (94 Pace)

Athletic Club - 10.25k/7.1k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Iñaki Williams 81 FUT Card

The speedy Striker for Athletic Club offers a variety of tools for FUT Managers. Standing 6'1'' with 88 Jumping and 82 Strength, he could conceivably operate as a classic target-man.

However his 93 Acceleration and 94 Sprint Speed are just too tantalizing. Set his player instructions to Get in Behind and enjoy a speed demon of a Striker.

9. Rafa (94 Pace)

Benfica - 2.8k/2.7k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Rafael Ferreira 83 FUT Card

A Left Midfielder who loves to run at the opposition, Rafa can heat it up with 93 Acceleration and 94 Sprint Speed. He carries Four star Skill Moves and 90 Agility along with 88 Dribbling.

Use the Hunter chemistry style to improve his Shooting and even further boost his awesome Pace.

8. Gelson Martins (94 Pace)

AS Monaco - 1.4k/1.6k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Gelson Martins 80 FUT Card

An incredible bargain, Martins offers 94 Acceleration and Sprint Speed to go along with Five star Skill Moves. 94 Agility and 92 Balance showcase his elite ability with the ball at his feet.

Look to get down the touchline and swing in crosses to teammates with Martins 82 Curve rating.

7. Achraf Hakimi (94 Pace)

Inter Milan - 2k/1.8k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Achraf Hakimi 83 FUT Card

Having recently completed a move to Inter, Hakimi is one of the rising young stars in world football. The 21 year old can fly with 93 Acceleration and 95 Sprint Speed, and 81 Crossing plays nicely off his Pace.

If you have the correct position modifier, you might consider moving Hakimi to RWB. 72 Defending suggests he's capable and his speed will cause problems all game long.

Hakimi also has a FIFA 21 Ones to Watch FUT card.

6. Sadio Mané (94 Pace)

Liverpool - 370k/309k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Sadio Mané 90 FUT Card

In a Liverpool front three that features Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, it's Mané who might be the best attacker in the side. Blistering 95 Acceleration and 93 Sprint Speed are just one of the many facets to his game.

He carries Four star Weak Foot and Skill Moves, but what sets Mané apart is his ability to calmly finish in front of goal. 92 Positioning and 90 Finishing cement his claim as one of the best Wingers in world football.

5. Daniel James (95 Pace)

Manchester United - 1.2k/1.3k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Daniel James 77 FUT Card

The former Swansea City man has enjoyed success in his early tenure with the Red Devils. The Welsh international has a great motor (86 Stamina) and his 96 Acceleration/95 Sprint Speed help him cover a lot of ground.

A Four star Weak Foot is a nice bonus of this card. Improve Shooting stats with a chemistry style and enjoy a nice player for less than 1.5k FUT Coins.

For more affordable Premier League Forwards, check out our Best Value Under 5k shopping guide.

4. Vinícius Júnior (95 Pace)

Real Madrid - 6.2k/4.4k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Vinícius Júnior 80 FUT Card

Bursting onto the scene during the 2018-2019 season, it's hard to believe Vinícius is still only 20 years old. He's a dynamo of a talent, and he has Pace that simply cannot be taught (95 Acceleration/Sprint Speed).

Five star Skill Moves, Four star Weak Foot, and 86 Dribbling (94 Agility) show why he's a nightmare for his opposition. Apply the Hunter chemistry style to boost his Shooting stats and you'll have a dynamic threat on the Left Wing.

3. Adama Traoré (96 Pace)

Wolves - 16.5k/13.75k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Adama Traoré 79 FUT Card

Adama Traoré flat out looks like he's playing the wrong sport. He has the physique of an NFL Running Back (86 Strength), but don't let that distract you from his skill.

Enjoying a career renaissance at Wolves, his combination of Pace (97 Acceleration/96 Sprint Speed) and stellar 92 Dribbling is more than a handful. Four star Skill Moves should have you beating Defenders and serving in crosses all game long.

2. Alphonso Davies (96 Pace)

Bayern Munich - 41.75k/39k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Alphonso Davies 81 FUT Card

Davies is a Ferrari of a Left Back, and at only 19 years old he's still getting better. He absolutely owns the left side of the pitch for the European Champions, and his Pace lets him cover the distance (96 Acceleration/Sprint Speed).

Four star Skill Moves and Weak Foot are simply unfair for a Left Back, and will cause problems all game long. Make sure to set his instructions to Get Forward to make the most of this stacked card.

1. Kylian Mbappé (96 Pace)

Paris Saint-Germain - 1.399M/1.179M FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Kylian Mbappé 90 FUT Card

To be blunt, Kylian Mbappé is the future of football. He's only 21 years old, still improving, and already one of the top 5 players in the world. His Pace is electric (96 Acceleration/Sprint Speed), as are his Dribbling (5 star Skill Moves) and Finishing skills (91 rated).

Four star Weak Foot and 86 Stamina ensure that injury is about the only thing that will slow this phenom down. If you happen to pull this card, just consider yourself lucky and enjoy the spoils.