Players have found an effective way to farm XP and loot in Diablo 4 by running through the Iron Hold Aspect Dungeon in Hawezar.

With a high density of Elite enemies and a relatively short completion time, the Iron Hold dungeon is one of the best places to farm Legendary Gear and XP in a short time frame.

Here’s how to find and complete the Iron Hold dungeon and how best to use it to farm for XP and loot.

Why Should You Farm XP and Loot in Iron Hold?

Iron Hold spawns an abnormally high amount of Elite enemies in close proximity to each other.

Being able to run through and defeat lots of Elite enemies in quick succession will significantly increase the amount of loot that drops and XP you’ll get in a short space of time. It will also increase the chance of Legendary Gear to drop.

Fighting Elite enemies and famring rare/Legendary loop and XP in the Iron Hold dungeon in Diablo 4
Credit: Cravynn

How to Farm XP and Loot in Iron Hold

Follow these steps to run through Iron Hold in the most efficient way possible:

  1. Head to the Iron Hold dungeon in Hawezar
  2. Enter the dungeon and follow the first objective
    • The first objective is to ‘Slay the Malevolent Spector and collect the Jailor’s Key’
    • Head right after the locked door and locate the ‘Malevolent Spector’ Elite enemy
    • Kill the Malovent Spector and pick up his key
  3. Use the key to head through the locked door into the second part of the dungeon
  4. Find the two groups of Elite enemies and defeat them
    • The second objective is to find and return two items – each will have a large group of Elite enemies near it
    • Follow the left path until you find the first group of Elite enemies and eliminate them
    • Follow the right path until you find the second group of Elite enemies and eliminate them
  5. After defeating the enemies, leave the dungeon
  6. Log out of Diablo 4
  7. Re-enter the game to reset the dungeon and repeat this process as much as you want.

As the density of Elites in Iron Hold is very high, running through this process should net you a lot of rare and Legendary loot, as well as a decent amount of XP.

Check out this method in action in a video from RageGamingVideos below:

Where to Find Iron Hold in Diablo 4

Iron Hold is located in the Ruins of Rkhat Keep in Hawezar.

Iron Hold location on Diablo 4's Map
Credit: ZaFrostPet

Iron Hold will also reward you with the Fastblood Legendary Aspect after completing it.

You can easily reach Iron Hold by traveling to the Ruins of Rkhat Keep: Inner Court Waypoint on the map, as the dungeon is very close by.

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