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Fans Really Want to See These Classic Maps Return in Modern Warfare

Fans really want these maps in Modern Warfare.
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The Call of Duty franchise features numerous fan-favorite maps, although not many of them are available in the latest iteration of the franchise. With that in mind, fans are hoping to see these classics return in Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare’s latest update introduced two classic maps from Call of Duty 4, Shipment and Vacant. Fans are looking beyond this, however, and are hoping for even more classics.

Most Wanted Modern Warfare Maps

Most of the maps fans would like to see return are available in past Modern Warfare titles, so they would fit the theme of the latest game very nicely. A new post on Reddit includes four maps Infinity Ward should consider adding to the game.

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Featured in Modern Warfare 2, Highrise emboldens just how incredible the Call of Duty franchise is. Set above an in-construction skyscraper, this map includes a slew of secret areas, with a mix of close-quarter and long-distance gunfights. Although it might seem like a stretch, this iconic map would bring back some memories.


Set in Rio de Janeiro, this map provides a host of different close-quarter areas. It was originally featured in MW2.


Afghan takes place in the middle of an Afghanistan desert canyon, set around a C-130 crash site. It includes an array of different areas, including sturdy stone buildings to the remaining pieces of a plane. The map initially arrived in MW2, but has since been featured as a DLC map in Infinite Warfare. There’s no reason why the same won’t occur in Modern Warfare.


Dataminers previously found references towards this map within the in-game files, so it may well soon become a reality. Once again included in MW2, this map stems from the controversial ‘No Russian’ mission. After its extraordinary popularity, it soon arrived in MW3 before receiving a re-make in Infinite Warfare.

The map takes place in the middle of an airport, allowing players to take gunfights into planes, luggage areas, and even shops. Out of the maps we have discussed, this is by far the most likely to launch in Modern Warfare. But once again, this is far from officially confirmed.

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Although this classic was pulled from MW2, it still remains as one of the most interesting maps in Call of Duty history. The map has a small vicinity, making this a viable option for Gunfight.

Considering Rust has been mentioned in the in-game files on PC, we shouldn’t be too surprised if it makes an appearance in an upcoming season.

What other maps would you like to see make a return in Modern Warfare?

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