Warzone vehicles just don’t feel as good as they used to in Warzone 1, and Call of Duty fans think a major change is needed to help make cars viable once again.

In Warzone 1, going a whole game without using a vehicle was unthinkable. Back in the early days of the Battle Royale, finding a ride meant gaining incredible maneuverability, creating moving cover, and being able to run down enemies for some easy kills.

Now, in what fans call Warzone ‘3’ (though Activision would never dare to return to the numbered sequels), both cars and helicopters feel so much worse to use.

And many Warzone players are calling on vehicles to return to their former glory.

Warzone Quad Bike and Helicopter

Vehicles Need a Buff in Battle Royale

Warzone’s selection of vehicles just aren’t as impactful as they used to be back in Verdansk, and there are several reasons behind this.

Firstly, Verdansk as a whole was much more vehicle-friendly than Urzikstan, or even Al Mazrah. With plenty of open road and flat spaces, the map lent itself well to vehicular traversal.

But it’s not just the maps – Warzone vehicles are far more clunky and difficult to control in the latest iteration of the game.

It may be more realistic, but as this video demonstrates, OG Warzone’s transport was far more dynamic, and it led to fun moments that can’t easily be recreated in the game’s current state.

Nowadays, you’d struggle to mount the hill with your car, or have it take too much damage by bouncing off the environment.

What’s more, vehicle killing sprees are a thing of the past, with many users complaining that ramming enemy Operators isn’t as effective.

byu/TheEternalGazed from discussion

Of course, back in Warzone 1, vehicles were perhaps a little too powerful.

Warzone 1 Big Bertha Truck

In Solos, the meta for a while was to find a Big Bertha truck and camp the final circle until you had the drop on your enemy, thanks to the vehicle’s maneuverability and extreme protection.

But after the Bertha nerf, things felt pretty balanced, especially as a single C4 would be enough to blow up your car and everyone in it.

byu/TheEternalGazed from discussion

It’s possible that Activision prefers Warzone to have slower, more methodical gameplay, with less of an emphasis on vehicles.

However, considering that Raven Software has been adjusting the game constantly to be more like Warzone 1, even adding back in slide canceling in MW3, it’s not impossible that we could see some vehicle buffs in the near future.

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