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Fans Want Another Battlefield 2042 Delay

You read it right – this time the Battlefield fans want another delay to the Battlefield 2042 release date. But why is this?

Battlefield 2042 is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, however, players have been waiting a long time to try it.

Last week’s Beta was the first time for most gamers to try Battlefield 2042, but the response has been very mixed. In fact, a vocal group of Battlefield fans are now calling for DICE to push back the game even further.

Why do Battlefield fans want another delay for Battlefield 2042?

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Battlefield 2042

Should Battlefield 2042 Be Delayed Again?

Anyone who played it will know that the Battlefield 2042 Beta had a number of major issues. What’s more, it was still a very rough build of the game that was lacking polish.

This is especially concerning considering that the new Battlefield 2042 release date is only just over a month away.

Because of this, Battlefield fans have taken to the game’s subreddit to ask DICE to delay the game again. One suggestion to delay the game is now the most upvoted post on the subreddit and has over 2000 upvotes at the time of writing.

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Battlefield 2042

The request to delay the game comes from a place of love though. The Battlefield fans see the potential of 2042 but think that the game can’t release in a good state unless another delay is imminent.

Poster u/yosman88 believes that Battlefield 2042 “needs at least 6 months more” development time. However, he believes that another Battlefield 2042 delay is very unlikely.

At least DICE has already revealed a list of improvements for the launch build of Battlefield 2042.

At this point, we can just hope that the fans are wrong and that DICE can polish the game in the last month of development. Fingers crossed we don’t need another Battlefield 2042 delay.

Although, some fans have already lost hope after the beta. They have already found out how to cancel your Battlefield 2042 pre-order and get a refund.

In more positive Battlefield news, take a glimpse at some cool upcoming content. A leak has revealed the Battlefield 3 classes and weapons in Battlefield Portal.

Plus, data miners have uncovered the Battlefield 2042 Season 1 map ‘Ridge’. This sounds like it could be one of the best maps in the game.

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