Nintendo fans believe that the Switch 2 could launch with a new Mario Kart game, thanks to some upcoming LEGO sets.

Mario Kart is almost as iconic as the mustachioed plumber himself, yet there hasn’t been an entirely new game in the series for a decade now.

However, a new announcement for a LEGO crossover with Mario Kart in 2025 has got fans believing that the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom will be gathering at the starting line next year for a new entry in the series!

LEGO Mario Kart Announcement Gets Fans Excited for Potential New Game

On March 9, 2024, Nintendo announced that there will be LEGO Mario Kart sets releasing in 2025. This sent fans into a frenzy.

Of course, Nintendo fans are excited about the prospect of this great crossover. However, it also has implications for a potential Mario Kart game.

As leaks suggest that the Switch 2 will arrive in Spring 2025, fans now believe that a new Mario Kart could release for the new console in that year too.

To take it one step further, some fans think a new Mario Kart could even be a launch title for Nintendo’s upcoming console!

Does This Actually Make a Switch 2 Mario Kart More Likely?

The Mario Kart LEGO sets releasing in 2025 make a new Mario Kart title on the Nintendo Switch 2 more likely, in our opinion.

We already believe that Mario Kart 9 is a likely Switch 2 launch title before the LEGO crossover announcement. Therefore, LEGO Mario Kart sets launching in 2025 certainly increase the odds of a new game in the racing series releasing then too.

After all, the popularity of a new Mario Kart title would certainly help shift LEGO sets based on the game!

Lego Mario Kart

However, there is still a possibility that this is just a coincidence. The original LEGO Mario sets were released in August 2020 and weren’t a tie-in for any game.

Only time will tell whether a new Mario Kart game will launch with the Switch 2. We recommend you keep an eye out for any more Nintendo Direct presentations at the end of the year, as that’ll likely be when Switch 2 details will be announced.

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