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Fans Plan to Turn Off Battlefield 2042 Beta Crossplay to Avoid Hackers

The Battlefield 2042 Beta hasn’t even begun yet, but players are already planning on turning off crossplay to avoid hackers.

Hackers are a major problem in almost any online Multiplayer game. Unfortunately, it looks like Battlefield 2042 will be no different.

Despite Battlefield 2042’s Easy Anti-Cheat system being widely praised, it is far from perfect. This has led to many players becoming concerned about hackers ruining their Battlefield experience.

Some are even so concerned that they have come up with a plan to avoid hackers in the Battlefield 2042 Beta, and it involves turning off the game’s crossplay system.

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Battlefield 2042

Will There Be Hackers in the Battlefield 2042 Beta?

Although there’s no way of telling how many cheaters there will be in the Beta, the signs aren’t good. Not only have hackers and cheaters already bypassed the Battlefield 2042 anti-cheat but there have been a number of websites selling Battlefield 2042 cheats for the past few weeks.

This is concerning news for Battlefield fans, especially as searches for Battlefield 2042 cheats have skyrocketed before the Beta.

The Battlefield community on console, therefore, has decided the best way to avoid hackers. Despite the game not being out yet, fans plan to turn off crossplay to avoid the hackers playing on PC.

But how can you turn off crossplay to avoid hackers in the Battlefield 2042 Beta?

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How to Disable Crossplay in Battlefield 2042 Beta

DICE has already announced all of the Battlefield 2042 Beta crossplay and cross-platform party details. One of the bits of information this revealed is that crossplay between console and PC is enabled automatically.

This is a major problem for console players as most hackers will be coming from PC. Luckily, players will be able to simply disable crossplay in the game’s settings menu.

This will keep your lobbies full of players who play on the same platform as you and, hopefully, make it a lot less likely for you to bump into cheaters.

Will you be turning off crossplay in the Battlefield 2042 Beta or are you willing to risk running into some hackers? Let’s hope that everything in the Beta goes smoothly otherwise rumors suggest that EA might delay Battlefield 2042 until next year!

Battlefield 2042

In other news, rumors suggest that DICE will finally unveil Battlefield Hazard Zone very soon. This free-to-play mode could be huge!

Finally, if you haven’t pre-loaded the Battlefield 2042 Beta yet, what are you waiting for? The Battlefield 2042 Beta file sizes are small too, so you shouldn’t have to make a load of room for it either.

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Tim Leonard

Monday 29th of November 2021

We would like to turn off cross-play on our Series Xs, yet the option is greyed out.

I have tried changing it in settings, which then results in not being able to log onto the servers.

In 40 years of playing games, yes you read that correctly and working in IT, I have never come across a more unfinished, buggy and glitchy game.