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Fans Miss ‘Old Warzone’ With Only Modern Warfare Guns

Warzone players want a return to the good old days with just Modern Warfare content, back before the Cold War and Vanguard integration.

Warzone launched back in the Spring of 2020 and took the world by storm. FPS fans all over the world were swept up in Call of Duty’s new take on the Battle Royale genre and the game was a breath of fresh air for many.

However, the good feelings around the game turned a little sour over time. Since the launch of the new Pacific map, players have been asking for Verdansk to return to Warzone as they’re not enjoying the new setting of the game.

What’s more, every update seems to add new bugs and glitches to Warzone and the hackers are on the rise again.

This, combined with the “impossible” to keep up with weapons meta has led players to reminisce about what Warzone used to be – back in the Modern Warfare days.

Warzone Verdansk Plunder

Was the Modern Warfare Era The Best Time in Warzone?

With fans requesting huge changes to Warzone in 2022, it’s fair to say that the game isn’t in a great state at the moment. However, things weren’t always like this.

A new post on the r/Warzone subreddit poses the question ‘does anyone miss old Warzone?’. Plenty of fans have replied and the answer is an emphatic yes!

While Warzone is still fun to play now, many players think there are now too many weapons complicating the meta. Plus, having 3 games’ worth of guns in Warzone now makes weapon balancing a huge issue for Raven Software.

This is one of the main reasons why players miss the Modern Warfare era of Warzone.

However, there are still some meta Modern Warfare guns you can use in Caldera:

warzone pacific

What’s more, another reason why players loved Warzone in the Modern Warfare era was the interesting locations like bunkers around Verdansk. These spots were full of great loot it was always exciting to open them.

Caldera is missing this, for now at least. Players have found hidden bunkers and hatches across Caldera so we can hope that these will open soon!

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However, even if the game was great back then, it might just be the nostalgia talking.

Warzone was definitely simpler during Modern Warfare but it has also evolved a lot since then. Who knows – players could look back on Caldera with the same fondness as Verdansk in the future.

With leaks suggesting that Warzone will get a new Modern Warfare 2 map later this year, this could be a return to the glory days of Warzone once again.

Also, this map could arrive sooner than we think. Leakers have revealed that Modern Warfare 2 could release earlier in the year than usual COD titles.

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