Despite fans being mostly satisfied and showing much love for Diablo 4 Season 2, the inclement server issues that plagued the previous season have not been ironed out.

Fans voiced a ton of feedback about Season of the Malignant and deemed it boring past the initial hours. In essence, this was due to what fans often described as lackluster loot and tedious progression.

It seems Blizzard has paid close attention and took a page from that feedback playbook to turn things around for Diablo 4 Season 2. However, despite all these attempts, technical issues still plague Sanctuary.

Gamers Love Diablo 4 Season 2, but Complain About Server Issues

The overall consensus from Diablo 4 fans is a mostly positive reception for Season 2. Unfortunately, just like many times before, the game is affected by server issues and disconnections.

Blizzard made a considerable amount of well-received improvements and changes in Season 2 based on players’ feedback. But, one aspect that still dwindles the experience is poor network performance.

What players thought would be early season launch errors are still present in the game now. Several fans took to social media earlier today and voiced their frustration about server disconnections.

Moreover, when these server problems arise, they seem to be across the board. All platforms in which the game is available are usually affected.

Thankfully, these problems generally don’t last more than some minutes and, in the worst-case scenario, a couple of hours.

Another recurrent problem fans have mentioned, aside from server issues, is the constant lag and latency present in Diablo 4 Season 2.

Rubberbanding and latency were no strangers in the game before. So, this is not news for many of us who have been playing since day one.

Mind you, the game is not unplayable. There is a ton of fun to be had with Diablo 4. Regrettably, those good times are often spoiled with a disconnection or bad lag spike in the worst possible moments.

These lag spikes could end up in disconnections and tragedy for those running hardcore characters. What’s more, I am sad to report Season 2 has already had a couple of casualties due to lag.

As someone who played dozens of hours of the previous Diablo 4 season, I can attest that the same server issues were present back then.

It is unfortunate that Season of Blood, although proving to be a ton of fun, is tarnished by the same technical problems.

Diablo 4 Season of Blood Positive Feedback Despite Technical Problems

Although Diablo 4 Season 2 has many technical problems pending fixing, fans have received the gameplay changes very well—especially those fixes and adjustments related to loot and progression.

Proof of this is the excellent reception a tweet from Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment, has received. In this post, he shared many changes to the loot drops system in Season 2.

In general, franchise fans vaulted in with an overwhelmingly positive reception. There were still some complaints here and there, but nothing close to the negativity that haunted Season 1.

Many gamers are thrilled with the faster progression in Season of Blood, and with good reasons!

This was one of the significant pain points mentioned by fans. Grinding to reach the max level was a hassle almost for every class, more so after level 70/80.

Overall, most players are welcoming the transparency and attention to feedback.

This time around, the developers are being quick to point out that most of these changes are coming directly as an answer to address fan’s complaints.

In the process, they are also taking accountability for previous design issues that made the game much less enjoyable.

On a personal note, I am in the same boat as my fellow Sanctuary comrades. Diablo 4 Season 2, taking the server issues and lag spikes aside, is a drastic improvement in the right direction.

Blizzard, if you are reading this, please get it fixed so we can get through a nightmare dungeon without fearing losing a friend mid-battle. We all deserve a lovely Season of Blood. Thanks in advance!

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