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Fans Hate The Battlefield 2042 Specialists System

Battlefield 2042 has replaced the classic class system with specialists, but why do fans hate this change?

The next installment of the Battlefield series is taking players into the near future, but there are plenty more huge changes coming for long-term fans as well.

First and foremost, players won’t pick what class of soldier they play as anymore. This has been replaced by the new Specialists system and fans have already decided that they hate it!

But first, watch the jaw-dropping Battlefield 2042 trailer, if you haven’t already.

battlefield 2042 Renewal map

How Will Specialists Work in Battlefield 2042?

The Battlefield series has traditionally had a class system where players play as a certain type of soldier, such as Assault or Engineer. Instead of picking a class, Battlefield 2042 players will now pick a Specialist – a soldier with unique abilities.

The Specialists could have high-tech gadgets like wingsuits, grappling hooks, and even robotic dogs. They will also get exclusive skins as part of the new Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass and live content.

However, the Specialists system in Battlefield 2042 isn’t a million miles away from what fans of the series are used to… Find out all of the details about Battlefield 2042’s Specialist system here.

Battlefield Fans Want Classes Back

Longtime fans of Battlefield have posted on the 2042 Subreddit explaining why they think that the Specialists system is a bad idea.

“I hate the idea of choosing between characters to play as. I hate character specific abilities and I hate the fact that people are just gonna spam whatever character is most meta or op. actual game killer.”

Human394 Battlefield 2042 Reddit

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While these are valid concerns, it’s way too early to judge how good the new Specialists system in Battlefield 2042 will be. Hopefully, we might find out more information in the gameplay reveal at the upcoming Xbox E3 showcase.

Battlefield 2042 Soldiers

Rumors also suggest that Battlefield 2042 could launch on Game Pass, which would be huge news for Xbox players.

Additionally, some fans of the series are concerned that some skins in Battlefield 2042 may be pay to win.

Finally, find out how to access the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta. It’ll be your first chance to play the game.

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