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Fans Disappointed After GameStop Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Restock – October 12

Some things are too good to be true, and according to fans, the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X GameStop restock falls in this category.

The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X hype has been over the roof lately.

This console in particular has been in the eye of both collectors and Halo fans alike.

Truthfully, we can see the appeal, as the console sports quite a unique and appealing look.

Many GameStop Pro members wanted to get a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X in the latest restock.

Sadly, the great majority were left with just a big bunch of disappointment.

UPDATE: Halo Super Fan Bundle – Xbox Series X & Elite Controller Restock Today – October 14

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X GameStop Fans Disappointed
Source: Microsoft

Frenzy Over Xbox Series X Halo Restock at Gamestop

GameStop announced an Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Edition restock for its Pro members yesterday.

Today, fans were eagerly waited for the announced hour for the console drop.

Unfortunately, things were far from smooth.

To begin with, some gamers reported the site was constantly crashing.

Others were simply just not able to get past the pre-order button.

Couldn’t get your console? Check this week’s potential upcoming restocks: GameStop Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Bundles – October 12-14

Some were very close, but had to deal with payment processing issues.

Lastly, a few happy gamers had the luck to land a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X in this GameStop restock.

Let’s hope that customers don’t have these issues with the upcoming Halo Infinite Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Restock too.

Success stories paint the picture of how much perseverance was needed to get this console.

Furthermore, this restock created so much frustration that even our fans vented in the comment section.

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X GameStop Gamingintel Fans Disappointed

Is there still hope to get a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X?

Lately, Microsoft has been launching very unique hardware, like its Xbox 20th Anniversary Special Edition Controller.

Unfortunately, the stock is still low, especially for consoles due to many factors.

After the debacle that was this restock, many are still looking for a chance to get one.

For those in that position, there is still some hope.

An imminent Halo Infinite Xbox Series X bundles restock is going to take place soon.

Yet again, this drop is only for GameStop Pro members. So, it will be a good idea to check on your membership status before the restock happens.

As well, we advise that you have ready both your phone and a PC to try from both devices if needed.

Also, make sure you are previously signed into your account.

Lastly, having all your payment and shipping information already in your account is a great idea to expedite the process.

If you’re not interested in Halo Infinite edition and you are just looking for a regular Xbox Series X, Best Buy, Amazon, Antonline, and Microsoft are rumored to have restocks this week.

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Wednesday 13th of October 2021

If you buy from GameStop and shipping use FedEx home or ground most the time they will steal your package. They steal my 2 times. Let see they will steal my 3 time. Good luck GameStop console shipping.