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Fans Call New Pokemon GO Event Box “The Worst Deal Ever”

There’s a new Event Box in the Pokemon GO Shop and players are very annoyed at how expensive it is for the items it includes!

If you want to catch ’em all in Pokemon GO, you’ll need plenty of Pokeballs. A selection of Berries to feed wild Pokemon is also very handy too!

While you can get Pokeballs and Berries from a variety of activities like spinning Pokestops and completing Field Research, it takes a while to collect a lot of them.

However, the in-game shop in Pokemon GO has plenty of bundles that include Pokeballs, Berries, and more for players who need to get some more quickly.

These are particularly useful for players who want to take part in events like all of the upcoming Pokemon Spotlight Hours in July 2022!

Pokemon GO

To coincide with the new Pokemon GO 2022 Anniversary event, Niantic has added a new Event Box to teh Shop. However, players are particularly annoyed by this box.

But why do fans think it is such bad value?

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New Pokemon GO Event Box Could Be the Worst Value Yet

Players have already complained about the “worthless” Weekly Event Boxes in Pokemon GO but it looks like that was just the start.

The new Event Box to celebrate Pokemon GO’s sixth anniversary costs a whopping 450 coins but gives players very little in return. Just 40 Ultra Balls, 6 Golden Razz Berries, and 30 Pinap Berries.

It’s no wonder that players on Reddit have been complaining about the value of this new box. The response to this new Box has been overwhelmingly negative and is the latest disappointment for fans of the game.

This follows Niantic making Remote Raid Passes much harder to get as well as supposedly trying to “rip off” players with a Community Day Box!

Redditor u/Pendergirl4 called the new Pokemon GO Event Box “the worst deal ever” . Meanwhile, others like u/DTpk23 thinks it is “one of the worst boxes of all time”.

Pokemon GO Event Box

Meanwhile, others have compared it to the 280 coin Ultra Box. This has a very similar selection of items for 170 coins cheaper!

Let’s hope that Niantic listens to this feedback and makes future Pokemon GO Event Boxes better value for players.

However, this may be wishful thinking. The Pokemon GO community is getting increasingly frustrated at Niantic for not listening to them!

Fortunately, Pokemon GO players still have a lot to look forward to. This includes the star-studded July 2022 Legendary Raid Schedule as well as the upcoming Starly Community Day.

What’s more, plenty of datamines have revealed upcoming Pokemon that should be coming to Pokemon GO soon:

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