Supposedly Shroodle is a mouse. It has a bulbous potato nose half the size of its head, tiny pupils, is the size of a shoe, and fans are questioning, laughing, and eventually loving its design.

Images of the strange poison normal type Pokémon started leaking days before Scarlet and Violet. Some love Shroodle’s delightfully weird design and even stranger evolution, while others recoil in disgust.

Regardless of the reaction, this mouse is certainly causing a stir in the Pokémon fanbase.

What is a Shroodle?

Game Freak, developers of the Pokémon series, claim Shroodle is a toxic mouse which many would agree is hard to accept. It has a single evolution into Grafaifai.

And if you noticed the purple on its buckteeth, it is indeed a poison and also a normal type. But if the design does anything well, it confirms his personality, a mischievous ill-tempered little guy.

Shroodle Fight

The Pokedex describes this new entry into the series as “usually…mellow,” but “it will sink its… front teeth into any that anger it.”

It’s equally strange evolution at level 28, Grafaifai, built up a similar appreciation before launch. But despite its edgy and punkish look, it can not, and I would argue no other new Pokémon can live up to the legend that is Shroodle.

What Are Shroodle’s Abilities?

Shroodle has the Unburden, Pickpocket, and the hidden ability, Prankster.

Unburden doubles the Shroodle’s Pokémon speed stats when they lose or use their held item, while pickpocket allows it to steal held items.

But its hidden ability, Prankster, is where Shroodle really shines. If it uses a status ability like Poison Gas, Prankster raises the ability’s priority and has a greater chance of using said ability first.

How to Get a Shroodle in Scarlet & Violet

If you want to pick up one of these sneaky “mice,” look no further than the starting area. Here they roam the South Province walking or waddling through the tall grass close to the academy.

But it also habitats areas of the western and eastern provinces, often lurking under the shade of a tree.

Shroodle Habits

Shroodle is a relatively common Pokémon with middling stats. However, given the relative ease of the Pokémon series, any combination of Pokémon in your team is doable.

Who knows? Maybe you might even get lucky and catch an elusive shiny version of Shroodle. But if you are interested in shiny starters, check out our guide on shiny starter Pokémon.