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Fans Are Angry At Black Ops Cold War’s Gun Game Mode

What was once a fan-favorite mode has become a source of frustration for Cold War Players.

Gun Game has been a favorite mode among fans for years. Since its introduction in the first Black Ops game, it's been keeping fans on their toes with its constantly shifting gameplay.

The mode sees players start on a basic weapon, and work through a rotating wheel of new weapons, with varying usefulness and damage output. It puts all players on an even playing field and is one of the fairest in the series.

So, it should make sense that fans would be glad to see its return in Black Ops Cold War. Right?

Well, it seems the opposite may be the case for fans of the game mode. Fans are calling for a profound change to Cold War's Gun Game gameplay after a strange design choice has caused major frustrations.

Fan Frustration With Cold War's Gun Game

One specific choice on the part of Treyarch has spoiled the gun game experience for many.

In the very first incarnation of the mode, the last two weapons are the crossbow and the ballistic knife. These weapons are remarkably effective, but notoriously difficult to use. This choice allowed for the game to be well balanced and allowed for players on the sniper and rocket-launcher tiers to catch up.

Fans Angry at Cold War Gun Game
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

But, this has now changed for Black Ops Cold War. Instead of these weapons taking the saddle of the last weapons, they are replaced by the player's fists, and a knife respectively.

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The frustrating part of this is using two melee attacks to finish the game, and one of them (the fists) is wildly underpowered. Especially as the crossbow was actually added to Cold War in the huge Season Two update.

Plus, the ballistic knife had the interesting twist of allowing the player to fire knives across great distances. This new knife doesn't offer this and makes the gameplay feel a little stale.

How Do Treyarch Fix Gun Game?

One user called TulkSmash has aired their frustrations about the mode on Reddit. In the blackopscoldwar subreddit, they explain the problems the mode is causing.

"Having to punch someone and then stab someone at the end of the game is a massive flaw in the flow of Gun Game. Getting those last two kills, especially using your hands, makes the game mode unbearable. As a player who has almost exclusively played Gun Game for every Call of Duty, it's a huge turnoff when I go 18-3 and then die 11 more times to get the last two kills."

TulkSmash on Reddit

They suggest that making the final kill come down to a tomahawk throw could vastly improve the variety of the final rounds. It makes sense, given the way that the ballistic knife worked in previous games.

Fans Angry at Cold War Gun Game
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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Other Call of Duty fans echo these thoughts in the post's comments. One fan comments "The 2 hit melee ruined gun game. Change my mind."

Here's hoping that Treyarch will listen to fan complaints and make some changes to the mode. What was once a fan-favorite is frustrating players, and it doesn't have to stay that way.

It's one of the few disappointing additions to Cold War season two, as the rest of it has been great for the game. But, it might not be long before new content arrives. A leaker has revealed "season two reloaded", which could be coming soon.

Plus, if you're getting involved with the new Cold War Zombies mode Outbreak, there's plenty to keep an eye out for. Here's how to get the Zombies wonder weapons, and which perks you should be upgrading first.

Here's the full Reddit post by TulkSmash:

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Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

I suck at fps but anytime I get to the fist and knife it's a breeze I think most people problem is they rely on quick scopes and aim assist punching a knifing rely on stealth and zig zags which are not prevalent in this game so therefore all the cod sweats are getting broken by people that play games like hunt showdown and rainbow six