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Fan Proposes New Changes for Nintendo Switch Update 10.0

Nintendo Switch Update 10.0 might provide some major changes.
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Nintendo will presumably continue to update their latest system, despite rumors of a revised model launching later this year. Every firmware update usually brings a plethora of changes, including bug fixes and user interface alterations. With Nintendo Switch Update 10.0 touted to launch in early 2020, one fan has revealed a series of changes they would like to see.

9.0.0 is the latest update, which released on September 10, 2019. Although this patch didn’t offer anything too substantial, it certainly provided some useful changes.

Nintendo Switch 10.0 Update Patch Notes – Wishlist

This update will most likely overhaul the current UI, providing a more straightforward experience for players. In a recent tweet, user ActualAero proposed a host of changes Nintendo should introduce. Fortunately, the fan has provided concept images so we have a better understanding of what Nintendo Switch 10.0.0 could entail.

  • Voice chat via Discord
  • New themes
  • Folders
  • New icons
  • Home menu redesign

In addition to this, another Twitter user has also made a concept for what changes they would like to see. The concept shows a drop-down menu as well as a featured news section.

When is the Next Nintendo Switch Update 2020?

There’s usually at least a three-month gap between the release of each patch. 9.0.0 arrived towards the beginning of September 2019. With this in mind, Nintendo Switch Update 10.0 will most likely launch anytime within the next month or so.

There have been numerous rumors swirling around the community as of recently regarding a Nintendo Direct. It’s possible that the next update will launch around the same time as this. However, Nintendo has remained extremely tight-lipped on their upcoming plans so far, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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