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This Fan-made Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Remake Looks Amazing

A Pokemon fan has started a Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Remake and it looks absolutely stunning.

It's been over a year since Pokemon Sword & Shield released and Pokemon players have begun theorizing what is next for the series.

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding a potential remake of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl coming out later this year, but nothing has been confirmed yet. However, a Pokemon fan has used Unreal Engine to create what this remake could potentially look like.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Remake

Redditor papbeard88 has recreated Twinleaf Town and Route 201 from the classic Pokemon titles Diamond & Pearl. Using Unreal Engine, he made the originally 2D locations into a lush 3D landscape.

The art style is also a huge departure from the pixel art style of the 2D Pokemon games. Who knew Pokemon would look so good with more realistic graphics?

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Fan Remake
papabear88 Reddit

Unfortunately, the remake doesn't include any Pokemon, trainers, or gameplay but the 3D environments are more than enough to get some fans excited.

Fans love the look of papabear88's design and hope that Gamefreak's next Pokemon title takes the series in a similar direction.

We can hope that papabear88 continues to work on this project while everyone waits for the next big Pokemon announcement.

There's even more good news for classic Pokemon fans. A new intro for the Pokemon anime has hinted at the return of some iconic characters.

A Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remake isn't the only huge Nintendo game rumored to release soon. Here's everything we know about Breath of the Wild 2 so far.

A lot of players have also been having problems with the Nintendo Switch eShop. Nintendo will surely fix these issues soon.

There has also been a huge Nintendo leak about their next console. These Nintendo leaks suggest that the Switch Pro may have an amazing OLED display.

If this alleged Switch Pro release date leak is true, then players may have the console way sooner than expected.

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