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Is Peter Griffin From Family Guy Coming to Fortnite?

While it remains unconfirmed by Epic Games, it would appear that Peter Griffin from Family Guy might be finally coming to Fortnite.

According to Fortnite leaker FNAssist and GMatrix Games, Epic Games are working on a new skin which they strongly believe could be Peter Griffin.

This news comes shortly after another iconic franchise, Pokemon, was rumored to be finally crossing over with Fortnite!

Back on February 21, 2021, a backbling texture was decrypted, which revealed a series of images from Family Guy.

This was codenamed “FrenchFry,” a term that has since been used for all skins that use the toon/anime aesthetic.

Now, a brand-new male skin is being worked on named CID_TBD_Athena_Commando_M_FrenchFry. FNAssist and GMatrix Games believe this to be a Peter Griffin skin.

the Family Guy logo next to its cast of characters

A series of files pertaining to Fortnite was also leaked in April 2022 during an Unreal Engine live stream. Almost all of those files resulted in actual Fortnite collaborations, including Indiana Jones, Obi-Wan, and Darth Vader.

Family Guy was also included in those files and remains the only one that hasn’t resulted in a collaboration.

Doom was the latest from that livestream to appear. It came in Chapter 4 Season 1’s impressive Battle Pass.

However, while this leaked evidence is compelling, it does not confirm a Family Guy X Fortnite collaboration. It may just be another anime/toon skin, like the one seen in the Battle Pass.

Of course, fans also have another incredibly exciting video game crossover coming to Fortnite very soon to look forward to.

When Is Family Guy Coming to Fortnite?

There is currently no word on when a Family Guy X Fortnite collaboration may happen. Considering that FNAssist and GMatrix Games reported that this leaked skin is still being worked on, it likely won’t appear soon.

This collaboration has been two years in the making now, so fans may just have to continue waiting to get their hands on a Peter Griffin skin.

Of course, it may not come at all. Fans should definitely temper their expectations just in case, as leaks aren’t always the most accurate.

In the meantime, you may want to be cautious about using a certain mechanic in Fortnite as it’s literally killing players off!

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