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Fall Guys’ Twitter is ‘Leaking’ New Season 2 Skins

Ahead of the game's Season 2 launch, Fall Guys' Twitter is leaking new skins.

Before Fall Guys Season 2 even drops, the game's social media is 'leaking' upcoming skins. With 4 new skins yet to be announced, fans are eagerly guessing what these mysterious silhouettes could be indicating.

In a classic "Who's That Pokémon?" reveal, Senior Community Manager Oliver Hindle is leaking new costumes with each passing hour. We won't keep you in suspense though, as we now know the full roster as it stands.

All 4 outfits are finally here and we've got some interesting and varied looks dropping in Season 2. To fit in with the game's new Medieval-themed update, the costumes vary from an Orc to a court jester.

Which new costume is your favorite?

Fall Guys Season 2 Skins

These aren't the only costumes arriving with Fall Guys Season 2, however. Joining these new arrivals, we've got knights, dragons, wizards, and more.

The game is also getting a brand-new set of minigames, which is sure to help the wacky battle royale continue to feel fresh and fun. The game's first major update since taking the internet by storm hopes to bring a lot of players back to the action.

Fall Guys Season 2 New Costumes 2
(Source: Mediatonic)

Of course, there's also one more very special set of skins coming to the game. As part of a $1 million charity donation, Ninja, G2 Esports, Aim Lab, and Mr. Beast will each be receiving special skins which are set to drop shortly.

There are also sure to be a set of new gaming crossover skins, bringing iconic characters to Fall Guys. So far, big names such as TF2's Scout and Portal's Peabody are available in the game.

Fall Guys Season 2 New Costumes 1
(Source: Mediatonic)

There's a lot of new content to look forward to, and not long to wait until the upcoming season releases. Mediatonic is listening to fan-requests and doing their best to ensure that the new update builds upon what players loved about Season 1.

Who knows what else Season 2 will bring? We'll find out more details when the update drops soon, so stay tuned for more content.

Currently, Fall Guys is offering double battle pass XP to help players get their hands on Season 1 items before they disappear. While many fans are looking forward to Season 2, it's notable that many Fall Guys players have turned toxic towards the game.

Even in the replies to the new skin reveal on Twitter, players are aggressively labeling Fall Guys a "dead game". Hopefully, a lot of people change their tune with the launch of Season 2.