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Fall Guys Shares the Community’s Top 5 Favorite Rounds

Fall Guys is a mixed bag when it comes to its minigames, and there are some that the community clearly prefers to others. Now, the official Fall Guys Twitter shares the community’s top 5 favorite rounds.

Everyone’s got a favorite Fall Guys round. More specifically, everyone’s got a least favorite.

Teasing the results of a community-wide poll on Twitter, the Fall Guys’ social media account collected data from its player base. It appears that one round, in particular, managed to amass over a third of the total votes.

(Source: Mediatonic)

We now know which games players are happiest to see come up in the battle royale title. But we’d also love to see what the bottom 5 games are.

We imagine that most players can already guess what those results would look like.

The Community’s Top 5 Favorite Fall Guys Rounds

Interestingly, it appears that the top 5 favorite Fall Guys rounds are all skill-based challenges. Players clearly have a preference for minigames where they can rely on their own skills.

It also seems that no team games made the cut, but this is far from a surprise. The community is always rather vocal about their distaste for games that partner them up with other players.

Only one of the new Fall Guys Season 2 levels made the top 5 cut, but it’s impressive that it was possible to infiltrate the ranks at all. Fall Guys’ first season was so iconic that its minigame roster is ingrained in its players’ minds.

The Fall Guys community’s top 5 favorite rounds are as follows:

  1. Slime Climb
  2. Hex-A-Gone
  3. Jump Showdown
  4. Knight Fever
  5. Whirligig

Final round, Hex-A-Gone seems to have attained almost 20% of the vote. One of the only final rounds to make the list, it’s no shock that Hex-A-Gone’s unique gameplay allows it to be a fan-favorite.

What Is the Fall Guys Community’s Least Favorite Round?

It would be fascinating to find out just what round the Fall Guys community hates the most. After all, some of those pie chart colors are looking incredibly thin.

Should we have to bet on the outcome of a ‘least favorite round’ poll, there are a few strong contenders for the worst game. Both Egg Scramble and Egg Siege would get their fair share of votes.

Not only are the egg-themed minigames not fun to play, but they also rely on your team to perform well too. We’d guess that a lot of team games would get a substantial chunk of the overall votes.

Interestingly, a good amount of the community’s favorite Fall Guys rounds appear in a recently-added Show. This new Fall Guys playlist contains only survival rounds and is available in-game for a limited time only.

This follows on from the Fall Guys playlist with no team games in Season 2. Developer Mediatonic is clearly taking notes and listening to its community, which is essential for keeping the fans happy.