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Fall Guys Players Have Turned Toxic Towards the Game

Wacky battle royale Fall Guys took the internet by storm earlier this year, but its fan base has recently taken a turn for the worse.

Although Fall Guys is a colorful, friendly battle royale experience, its fans aren't always the nicest of people. After the game exploded in popularity after releasing in August, more vocal members of the community aren't happy with developer Mediatonic.

It seems that many Fall Guys players have turned toxic towards the game. This has lead to a number of commenters repeatedly attacking the brand on social media.

Fall Guys' Community Manager can't even post lately, without a string of angry players appearing in the replies. Several users are labeling the game as "dead" whilst others demand changes be made.

The different take on a battle royale game attracted over 16 million players on PS4 alone. On Steam, the game remained in the charts for weeks on end.

Why Are Fall Guys Fans Turning Toxic?

Now though, interest in the game is dwindling as the internet moves on to other viral games like Among Us. What's maddening is that now the Fall guys players have turned toxic towards this friendly games company.

We're sure that these types of players make Senior Community Manager Oliver Hindle's job noticeably less fun. In the past, the game's social media account has been widely praised for its interactivity with the Fall Guys fan base.

Fall Guys
(Source: Mediatonic)

Mediatonic has been nothing but great towards its fans. It introduced new costumes, features, and fixes for its players.

After a rocky experience with cheaters, it even added a great anti-cheat system. Now, Steamcharts reports that player counts have dropped from peaks of 170,000+ to just 40,000 a day.

These are still decent numbers to be putting out, it should be said. A lot of players are also sure to return the game with Season 2's arrival.

But the internet has a short attention span, and it likes to label games as dead all to preemptively. Fall Guys is very much alive and better than ever, but internet memes are more focussed on Among Us lately.

This is apparently all the cause many fans needed to turn on their old favorite game.

Fall Guys Is Getting Easier

As a response, perhaps, to this negative behavior, Fall Guys is getting easier. The game has always been tricky to win, but random enough that anyone can accomplish it.

Fall Guys Crown
(Source: Mediatonic)

Players compete for Crowns in each battle royale, and only one is up for grabs. Now, Mediatonic is introducing a lot more Crowns into the game's free battle pass for Season 2.

Players may be less angry when they can finally afford those premium skins they've always wanted. The developer is also introducing a Fall Guys double XP period before Season 2.

This will help all those who criticized the game's grindy battle pass still complete it before the items are lost forever. And with Mediatonic catering for the fans whims on a regular basis, we're betting there will be a lot of improvements in the game's second season.

For those who still can't earn their first crown, be sure to check out our guide on how to win Jump Showdown in Fall Guys. Getting a win is sure to be more satisfying than taking your frustrations out on innocent social media accounts.