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Fall Guys Offers Double Battle Pass XP Before Season 2

Fall Guys Season 2 is just days away, and the developers are helping players complete their battle passes with double XP.

After announcing that Fall Guys Season 2 is coming very soon, developer Mediatonic is offering a lifeline to those yet to complete their battle pass. The Fall Guys' official Twitter page promises players that they still have a chance to reach Rank 40.

Fall Guys Season 1 is ending on October 8, and then Season 2 will immediately begin. This means that the exclusive Season 1 items are about to disappear, and may well be gone forever.

Thankfully, between October 5 and October 8, Fall Guys is offering double XP to its players. After finishing a game, each player will receive double fame points for their efforts.

This is sure to help fans complete their Season 1 battle pass, and get their hands on everything the first season has to offer. The offer is only here for a limited time though, so fans will have to get to work earning those Crowns.

Double Battle Pass XP Will Help Eliminate That Grind

Fall Guys Season 2
(Source: Mediatonic)

According to Lead Designer Joe Walsh, Mediatonic recognizes how much of a grind it is to reach Rank 40 currently. Moving forward, the development team will be making things easier for the game's casual player base.

Fall Guys Season 2 will also offer more Crowns as part of the game's battle pass. The premium currency can be used to unlock exclusive gaming cross-over outfits such as the Scout from Portal 2.

However, Crowns are locked behind wins for the most part. Now, the special currency will be dropping a lot more frequently in the Season 2 battle pass.

Fall Guys Season 2 Battle Pass

We're still waiting to see what comes alongside the Fall Guys Season 2 battle pass. What we do know is that the game is taking on a medieval theme.

Dragons, knights, witches, and more are set to be part of the upcoming costumes in the new season. But this may be the last chance to get our hands on skins such as Hunter or Wooly.

If you're missing out, even with double XP over the next few days, things aren't all lost. Senior Community Manager, Oliver Hindle, indicates that it's possible that items could return one day.

It seems that Mediatonic currently has no plans to keep the Season 1 items in stock, however. The game's official Twitter even claims that it's better to assume that they'll be gone forever.

Fall Guys is all about varied and exclusive skins, so the announcement isn't surprising. Unlocking and showing off new costumes is one of the most exciting features of the game, after all.

Double XP launches tomorrow, so players need only boot up the wacky battle royale to take advantage of the offer. Remember that Fall Guys Season 2 begins October 8, so you'll have to be quick to earn those rewards.

If you're struggling to earn Crowns for exclusive skins, check out our guide on how to win Jump Showdown in Fall Guys. And for those having issues with the game, here's how to fix Fall Guys error messages that keep cropping up.