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Fall Guys Is Collaborating With SEGA for Their 60th Anniversary

In an unexpected collaboration, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic is streaming with SEGA to celebrate the company's 60th anniversary.

A very special stream is coming, announces Mediatonic on Twitter. In just a matter of hours, the Fall Guys' developer is going head to head with SEGA in its battle royale party game.

The company is teasing a new reveal on the stream, and fans have wasted no time getting their hopes up. SEGA collaboration skins could be just around the corner, and we can only wait and see what's coming.

On Team Mediatonic, we've got Community Director Oliver, who was recently added into the game as a new skin. He's teamed up with Video Production Manager Alan.

For Team SEGA, Community Marketing Manager Ibs is joining streamer PixelChark. The two SEGA representatives have got a fight ahead of them, seeing as the competition is taking place in Fall Guys itself.

Fall Guys x SEGA Collaboration

To build up hype for the stream, Oliver and Alan posted a short video to their Twitter following. In the clip, they're dressed up as horrifying caricatures of Sonic The Hedgehog.

Hopefully, this is how they'll be staying for the duration of the livestream.

In the announcement video, the duo reveals that the two companies are going head-to-head to see who is capable of grabbing the most Crowns in Fall Guys. Interestingly, Community Director Oliver isn't known for his Fall Guys skills, so perhaps Mediatonic is offering its competitor something of a handicap.

The real question on everyone's minds though, is just what reveal is coming later today?

SEGA Skins in Fall Guys

So far, Fall Guys has collaborated with a range of game developers. Faces like Gordon Freeman, Bullet Kin, and My Friend Pedro are already in the game's roster.

Now, perhaps the likes of Sonic The Hedgehog could be the next big name to arrive in-game. The blue blur would certainly make sense for some of the game's racing levels.

In fact, a leak suggests that Sonic is in fact already coming to Fall Guys very soon. On Twitter last week, a Fall Guys leak page tweeted out the above image.

Given this recent collaboration announcement, we'd say that the Sonic skin is more or less confirmed. Also alongside this leak, information suggests that the skin will release on October 14.

Those fans who don't have 10 Crowns to spend might be out of luck, however. As with all premium collaboration skins, Sonic is said to cost 5 Crowns for both the top and bottom of the costume.

More information will likely be releasing with the Fall Guys x SEGA stream later today. Stay tuned for 6 PM on the Mediatonic Twitch channel.

Interestingly, Fall Guys' Lead Designer recently confirmed whether SBMM is in Fall Guys. Those who are looking for more things to blame for their losses need to look no further.

And for those of you who are yet to check out the new update, here's everything that Fall Guys Season 2 brings to the table.