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Fall Guys Adds a Playlist With No Team Games in Season 2

Fall Guys players everywhere rejoice as developer Mediatonic adds a "no team games" playlist.

One of the biggest criticisms of the wacky battle royale game Fall Guys is its over-reliance on team games. You could be the best Fall Guys player in the world and still lose because it isn't often possible to carry a whole team to victory.

Fall Guys Season 2
(Source: Mediatonic)

Many fans of the game have been put off, after endless rounds of Fall Ball, Egg Scramble, or Hoopsie Daisy. When you're several rounds into the battle royale, losing due to an underperforming team isn't a fun experience.

Mediatonic has taken a great deal of heat surrounding the topic of team games. Many Twitter users have angrily tweeted at the developer to take out the minigames that split players into colored teams altogether.

Fall Guys' New 'No Teams' Playlist

Now, at last, we have a way to enjoy the game without team games. Players who have been blaming their losses on the minigames will now have to find a new way to complain.

fall guys no team games
(Source: Mediatonic)

In a separate playlist called Gauntlet Showdown, Fall Guys players will only take part in gauntlet games. Classic levels like Door Dash, Gate Crash, and Slime Climb will determine who gets the crown in Season 2.

However, this new playlist won't be sticking around forever. In fact, a timer in the menus appears to indicate that it will only be here for a week.

Those who want to live in a world where Fall Guys doesn't have team games can enjoy it for a limited time only. But there's a chance that the playlist could return.

Making No Team Games a Permanent Feature

No, Mediatonic isn't about to remove its hard work and scrap team games altogether. In fact, we're sure a lot of players would be unhappy to lose a large percentage of the Fall Guys minigames.

However, Lead Game Designer Joe Walsh does indicate that the playlist could stick around. Commenting on the game's subreddit, Joe explained that the playlist is part of an experiment the developer is running.

(Source: Mediatonic)

When asked about the playlist's timed exclusivity, Walsh had this to say:

"Right now we need to keep an eye on things like matchmaking times, player reception, etc. so we're doing it as a bit of a time limited experiment to see what happens. Totally possible for it to become permanent down the line!"

Players that return for today's launch of Fall Guys Season 2 will soon be able to try out the playlist for themselves. They can also earn some leaked Fall Guys Season 2 skins while they play.

Hopefully, the Fall Guys players that turned toxic towards the game are open to giving it another shot now that their complaints have been listened to. Time and time again, Mediatonic has shown that it truly cares for its fans, and this playlist should help prove that.