In the first episodes of Pokemon Horizons, fans were introduced to the heroic Rising Volt Tacklers and the villainous Explorers.

However, fans may be a little in the dark when it comes to the nefarious Explorers and their mission. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you everything there is to know about the Explorers in Pokemon Horizons.

Who Are the Villains in Pokemon Horizons?

The villains in Pokemon Horizons are a group called the Explorers. While their ultimate goal is left ambiguous, they are interested in the show’s protagonist Liko and her mysterious pendant.

Throughout the beginning of Pokemon Horizons, they pursue Liko and the Rising Volt Tacklers before eventually kidnapping Liko’s Sprigatito!

They’ll do anything to get what they want, including purposefully putting Liko’s life in danger. They’re deadly serious about achieving their goals.

Fortunately, Liko has the Rising Volt Tacklers to come to her aid. It is clear that the Explorers and Rising Volt Tacklers won’t get along as the series progresses.

Amethio and Ceruledge in Pokemon Horizons
Credit – OLM, Inc.

Who Are the Members of the Explorers?

We are currently aware of three members of the Explorers as they appeared in the first two episodes of Pokemon Horizons. They are:

  • Amethio
    • Main Pokemon: Ceruledge
  • Zir
    • Main Pokemon: Rhydon
  • Conia
    • Main Pokemon: Golduck

The leader of this malicious trio is Amethio, but he doesn’t appear to be the primary leader of the Explorers. Instead, he is receiving orders from a mysterious man.

Conia and Zir support Amethio, with Zir even attacking Liko with his Rhydon as she attempts to escape the trio in the first episode.

While they have their main Pokemon, they’re also seen using flying ‘Mons. Amethio rides a Corviknight while Zir and Conia fly on Skarmorys.

The Explorers intimidating Liko in Pokemon Horizons
From left to right: Conia/Amethio/Zir
Credit – OLM, Inc.

We’re sure to learn more about the Explorers in future episodes of Pokemon Horizons. As we learn more, we’ll update this article accordingly!

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