Key Points
Completion Time:
5 Minutes
Very Easy
260 XP
Must Haves:
Started the Quest – It's All Gobbledegook

In the Hogwarts Legacy quest “It’s All Gobbledegook”, players are tasked with exiting the mine after finding evidence of Ranrok’s plans.

To exit the mine in Hogwarts Legacy, players need to use Incendio or Confringo to light the wood beneath the nearby Steam Engine.

Then, follow the steam engine pipe into the next room and use Accio on the lever to open the lift doors.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Exit the Mine Guide

Hogwarts Legacy players will get the objective to Exit the Mine as soon as they pick up Ranrok’s drill blueprints.

  1. To find the way out, first, you’ll need to locate the nearby steam engine and cast a fire-based spell on the wood below it. Incendio and Confringo will both work.
Light the Steam Engine to Exit the Mine
Credit: HTF Games Studio
  1. Next, follow the engine’s pipe into the next room, where you’ll be able to use Accio on a lever near where the pipe emerges from the wall.
Pull the Lever in It's All Gobbledegook
Credit: HTF Games Studio
  1. Performing these two steps will open the lift doors in the same room as the lever. Interact with the lift controls (Square/X/F), and you’ll head up to the upper levels.
Enter the Lift in Hogwarts Legacy Exit the Mine
Credit: HTF Games Studio
  1. Head left out of the lift and into the adjacent tunnel and continue on until you see a place to drop down, near a lit Steam Engine.
Where to Go to Find the Exit to the Mine in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: HTF Games Studio
  1. Hop down towards the Steam Engine before heading left through the final tunnel, where the exit will be waiting for you.
Where to Go to Exit the Mine in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: HTF Games Studio

Just like that, you’ve successfully learned how to exit the mine in Hogwarts Legacy.

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To finish the “It’s All Gobbledegook” quest, speak with Amit who is waiting outside, and then Lodgok who is on the nearby platform overlooking the cliff edge.

Thanks to HTF Games Studio on YouTube for their helpful video guide on exiting the mine in Hogwarts Legacy. Check out the full video below:

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