The best way to get Execution Kills in Warzone 2 is to use Dead Silence to approach an unaware enemy, find a camping player and sneak up on them, or use Stun Grenades to run around behind an Operator’s back.

As part of the Path of the Ronin Respect (Rei) challenge, players need to perform 3 executions on enemy players in Warzone 2 matches.

Unfortunately, unlike all of the other Path of the Ronin challenges, there’s no guaranteed way to just hop in and execute an enemy.

However, aside from just playing as normal and getting lucky, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you get Execution Kills without too much effort.

Execution Kills in Warzone 2

Best Way to Get Execution Kills in Warzone 2

  • Use Dead Silence to Approach Unaware Enemies
    • Although Dead Silence is a rare drop, finding it will make your life a lot easier. When activating Dead Silence, you’ll be able to sprint up behind enemies without them hearing a thing. Stay out of their line of sight and go for the melee takedown.
  • Track Down Camping Players
    • The best target for a Execution Kill is a player who doesn’t like to move from their position. If you’re killed by someone who is camping a rooftop or strategic location, try and drop back in on their position. Be aware that your parachute will make a fair amount of noise, so hang back and approach quietly on foot for an easy execution.
  • Stun Grenades & Riot Shields
    • This one won’t make you the most popular Warzone 2 player out there but by using Stun Grenades in your loadout, you’ll be able to prevent enemies from moving as you easily run behind them. If you want to opt for a Riot Shield too, you’ll have a little more protection while getting the Stun off, at the cost of some speed.
  • Resurgence Mode
    • Of course, while you’ll find more campers on Al Mazrah, the best place to get Execution Kills is in Ashika Island on Resurgence Mode. This is because you’ll be able to respawn straight onto enemy players, plus the map’s more hectic, fast-paced nature can allow you to get the drop on another user while they’re unaware.

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What Are Executions in Warzone 2?

Executions, also known as Finishing Moves, are special takedowns that can be performed by holding the melee button while directly behind an opponent.

Performing an execution will immediately eliminate your opponent once the Finishing Move animation is complete.

Finishing Moves in Warzone 2

However, if the execution is interrupted by the attacking player being killed, the Operator being executed will often survive. Both players are still vulnerable to attack while a Finishing Move is being utilized.

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Do Execution Kills Count in Warzone 2 Pre-Game Lobby?

No, as personally tested by Gaming Intel, Execution Kills made in Warzone 2 pre-game lobby do not count towards challenges such as Path of the Ronin.

This is likely because a lot of players don’t bother to even pick up the controller before the game begins, which can lead to a lot of free, easy executions.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use pre-game lobbies to get easy Execution Kills in Warzone 2. However, if you own Modern Warfare 2, there’s a far easier way to get Melee Operator Kills to complete the Path of the Ronin Challenge.

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