Here’s where to catch Finizen, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s new dolphin Pokemon, and how to evolve it into Palafin.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet brings a brand-new dolphin Pokemon to the franchise and it’s one with a rather unique evolution requirement.

But when you do finally get your hands on Paladin, Finizen’s first and only evolution, you’ll be glad you did. After all, the Pokemon is the ultimate powerhouse in battles, especially when unleashing its unique ability!

How to Evolve Finizen Into Palafin

To evolve Finizen in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, here’s what you need to do:

  • First, level up your captured Finizen until it reaches Level 38.
  • Then, invite or join a second player in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s co-op multiplayer.
  • Next, level up Finizen once in front of the second player.
  • Finizen will then evolve into Palafin!
How to Evolve Finizen in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

It doesn’t matter if you level up Finizen via battling, auto battles, or event Exp. Candy. As long as a second player is there, it will evolve into Palafin.

Where to Catch Finizen in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Finizen can be found almost anywhere in the waters surrounding the Paldea region.

You don’t even need to unlock the ability to travel on the water, as several Dolphin Pokemon will be close enough to the shore for you to engage in battle.

Where to Find Finizen in Paldea - Scarlet & Violet

Why Does Palafin Look So Similar to Finizen?

Palafin and Finizen look almost exactly identical, but the evolved form has a pink heart emblazoned on its underside.

The reason that these two Pokemon look so similar, is because Palafin changes into a Hero Form, thanks to its Zero to Hero Ability.

How to Get Palafin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Zero to Hero Palafin Ability Explained – How Does it Work?

With Palafin’s Zero to Hero ability, the Dolphin Pokemon can transform into Hero Form mid-fight. Here’s how it works:

  • Set Palafin as the first Pokemon in your party.
  • Engage another Pokemon or trainer in battle.
  • Withdraw Palafin and send out another Pokemon.
  • Then, on your next turn, withdraw your other Pokemon and send out Palafin.
  • It will now be in its Hero Form, and get an enormous power boost!
Zero to Hero Palafin Ability

Palafin Stats Before & After Hero Form

Palafin’s Base Stats total 467 but its Hero Form boosts that to an enormous 650! Here’s a full breakdown of how the Pokemon changes after transforming:

StatBase FormHero Form
Sp. Attack53106
Sp Defense6287

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