The first trailer for GTA 6 is here, showing off exactly what Rockstar Games has been up to for the last decade – here’s everything you may have missed!

It’s been a long wait for a new mainline GTA title, but now Rockstar is ready to show fans what the next ten years will look like.

The First GTA 6 Trailer Is Here – And You Can Watch It Now!

Here is the first-ever trailer for GTA 6, showing off the return to Vice City and the massive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto sandbox:

Thankfully, our 91-second-long, first look at the future of the Grand Theft Auto series is as good as we were hoping.

But for those who were too dazzled to take everything in, here’s everything you probably missed on the first viewing:

What You Might Have Missed

The Prison is Huge

In the very first shot of the trailer, you can glimpse the outside of the prison where the series’ first female protagonist, Lucia, is detained:

Prison Building in GTA 6 Trailer 1

It’s a lot bigger than we imagined, which hints that the location will play quite a big part in the opening part of the game. We’re not sure what landed Lucia in the clink in the first place, but we’re sure it’s probably a bit more than bad luck as she said!

Leonida is Florida

Rockstar have always added their own unique spin to real-life locations and it seems GTA 6 is no different. Just as Vice City is Rockstar’s name for Miami, Leonida is what Florida is called in GTA 6.

Planet Leonida Man social post in GTA 6 Trailer 1

There are several references to Leonida in the trailer, most notably in the various outrageous social media stories scattered throughout the video.

Location, Location, Location

The trailer revealed a variety of locations that you’ll be able to explore in GTA 6’s Vice City and beyond.

Fanboat in swamp area in GTA 6 Trailer 1

In addition to showing off Leonida’s take on the massive swampy area of Florida’s Everglades, the trailer confirmed a few locations you’ll be able to explore and their names from road signs. These include:

  • Kelly County
  • VCI (Vice City International) Airport
  • Stockyard
  • Downtown
  • Vice Beaches
  • Port VC/Keys
Locations from street sign in GTA 6 Trailer 1

It looks like you’ll be able to explore GTA 6’s version of the Florida Keys:

Florida Keys in GTA 6 Trailer 1

It seems that the Ocean View Hotel from the original Vice City is also making a return to GTA 6, including the yellow vintage car that is always parked in front of it:

Ocean View Hotel and yellow vintage car in GTA 6 Trailer 1

Returning Vehicles

The trailer was chock-full of vehicles that longtime series fans will know only too well. Here are some of the most popular and recognizable vehicles from GTA V returning to GTA 6:

  • Air vehicles:
    • Maverick Helicopter
    • Dodo Plane
    • Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon Helicopter
    • Sea Sparrow Helicopter
Helicopter and Dodo Plane in GTA 6 Trailer 1
  • Cars:
    • Pfister Comet S2
    • Grotti Cheetah Classic
    • Grotti Carbonizarre
    • Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire
    • Invetro Coquette D10
    • Lampadati Komoda
Returning Cars in GTA 6 Trailer 1

Car Customization

The pick-up truck has a “#rideoutcustoms” hashtag printed on the window:

Ride Out Customs car customization logo on the back of a pick-up truck in GTA 6 Trailer 1

This suggests that this is where you go to tune your ride. It seems that vehicle customization will be coming to GTA 6 in a big way.

Mini-Games & Side Activities Will Make a Return

In this beautiful wide shot of the Vice City skyline at night, you can glimpse a tennis court:

Tennis Court in GTA 6 Trailer 1

This hints that side activities will be making a return to GTA 6. Perhaps a romantic game of tennis with the two main protagonists?

In GTA 5 you could do a whole host of side activities, such as tennis, golf, and darts. Here’s hoping they all come back to GTA 6!

Animals & Wildlife

The trailer showed off quite a few adorable creatures and ferocious beasts that will make an appearance in GTA 6. It included:

  • Flamingos in the Everglades swamp area:
Flock of flamingos in the swamp area in GTA 6 Trailer 1
  • A pet chihuahua on the beach:
Pet chihuahua running on the beach in GTA 6 Trailer 1
  • A lizard on the shoulders of a homeless man:
Chameleon in GTA 6 Trailer 1
  • Multiple alligators!
Collage of alligators in GTA 6 Trailer 1

Real-Life References & Satire

Rockstar has never shied away from satirizing real-world events and it seems that GTA 6 will be no different in this regard.

As Leonida is based on Florida, it’s only fitting that Rockstar threw in a few references to the popular ‘Florida man’ internet meme which was inspired by real people.

The most prominent reference is this wide-eyed heavily tattooed felon to the real-life Florida Joker:

Florida Joker comparison in GTA 6 Trailer 1
Credit: DANNYonPC

This gas station Alligator is a reference to a real Florida man bringing a live alligator to a convenience store in Florida:

Alligator in gas station in GTA 6 Trailer 1

Even Racist Karen makes an appearance, wielding her two hammers as menacingly as in real life:

Racist Karen wielding two hammers in GTA 6 Trailer 1

Ankle Bracelet – Evidence of Map Restrictions?

Though not part of the trailer, the GTA 6 artwork released alongside it shows Lucia wearing an ankle bracelet:

Showing ankle bracelet on Lucia in GTA 6 artwork

It seems the law has caught up with Lucia and will be keeping tabs on her whereabouts. It could also be an ingenious way for Rockstar to limit where you can go in the game.

Restricting the map early on is nothing new to GTA and is something Rockstar has implemented since the series’ humble beginnings.

An ankle bracelet would certainly give an interesting narrative reason to confine you to a specific area of the map!

GTA 6 logo and release year against black background

We’re sure there are a few other things that only the most eagle-eyed fans have spotted in the GTA 6 trailer! We’ll keep this piece updated with all the latest details as they continue to surface.

And seeing as Rockstar Games called this ‘Trailer 1,’ we’re already eagerly awaiting the chance to see more in any follow-up videos.

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