Call of Duty fans are breaking down everything wrong with MW3, the latest title in the long-running franchise, following the recent Open Beta.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Beta is at its end and fans appear to have mixed feelings about 2023’s COD title.

On the plus side, we finally got to experience some of the original MW2 maps again in all their glory. But the game also has some flaws that even playing Highrise can’t make up for.

Here are the biggest complaints that we’ve seen voiced regarding MW3 so far:

Everything Wrong With MW3

A Graphical Downgrade

Many players seem to believe that Modern Warfare 3 is actually a visual downgrade from Modern Warfare 2.

This may seem ridiculous, given that the new release is practically an update to MW2, but a mixture of less detailed textures and a grey filter certainly fail to make the game stand out.

The difference is clear when comparing the two games side by side, as seen in this video by YouTuber BEQA:

It’s not just graphics that fans are complaining about either. Many users are criticizing the weapon audio for not holding a candle to MW2, being more akin to Vanguard, Sledgehammer Games’ previous title.

This will likely be even more obvious when we’re using both MW2 and MW3 weapons side-by-side on launch day.

Bad Spawns

Every single time a new Call of Duty title rolls around, players complain that the game’s spawns need fixing. But each year, it appears that they’re only getting worse.

We’ve seen dozens of complaints about MW3’s map spawns, and experienced some extremely unfortunate spawning ourselves.

Favela Fight in MW3 Beta

Even on larger maps, I’ve found myself spawning directly in front of an enemy, or had a squad of players spawn around me shortly after I respawn.

And on game modes like Domination or Hardpoint which revolve around capturing an objective, bad spawns can literally cost you the game.

Hit Registration

If you’ve shot an enemy and received several hitmakers, only to have that enemy turn and kill you faster than you thought was possible, we recommend checking those Kill Cams.

One of the most common complaints with the MW3 Beta is that hit registration appears inconsistent.

Several users have reported that, after watching their Kill Cams back, they did not appear to hit any of the shots that the hit marker sounds indicated. Sometimes, as shown in the clip above, you may not even get a hit marker.

The Weapon Meta

It’s far too early to be deciding on weapon meta and whether or not it’s a good or bad thing in the MW3 Beta, but there are a couple of common complaints that are making the rounds online.

No Recoil

Firstly, weapons handle very differently in MW3, with far less visual and physical recoil making it easy to beam players from across the map.

With some of the best no-recoil loadouts, such as this ridiculously accurate MCW, the gun becomes laser-accurate. And while that’s great for when you need to hit your shots, fans argue that it could massively reduce the skill gap and overall realism.

Seeing as MW2 weapons are coming to MW3 thanks to the Carry Forward feature, we’ll also likely see them entirely outclassed by newer weapons, thanks to how they handle.


Quickscoping is another issue that’s currently under fire. While the mechanic has been present in Call of Duty games for a long time, it currently seems a little too strong at all ranges.

This is one of the drawbacks of having a higher health pool COD game, as it allows snipers to outclass even SMGs at close range.

However, it is often balanced by giving snipers a little extra flinch, a little less aim assist, or (like in the original MW2) by making other weapons stronger to compete with quickscopers.

Packet Burst

A Beta is rarely without its issues but Packet Burst is a problem that’s all too common in MW3. For those unaware, Packet Burst is an issue that means your game is receiving a lot of data all at once, or no information at all for a moment.

The issue is particularly frustrating as it will lead to shots that should connect with their target hitting nothing but air.

It can also result in rubber-banding, lag, or your screen not showing enemy positions accurately. Hopefully, this is one issue that can be chalked up to Beta servers not being as solid as launch day servers…

Teammate / Enemy Visibility

Generally, visibility isn’t one of the biggest complaints from the MW3 Beta – which makes a nice change from previous years!

But one thing that does seem to be frustrating users is the inability to differentiate between enemies and allies.

The issue began a few years back, when COD decided to start pushing Operators in an effort to sell cosmetics. Now players are finding it harder than ever to identify who’s an enemy and who’s a friendly.

We bet you’ve shot at a friendly player, or turned your back to an enemy at least once – we certainly have!

Poor PC Performance

This won’t be the case for all players, but it appears that a number of users are experiencing far worse performance on PC than they should be.

Despite Modern Warfare 3 having similar (if not identical) requirements to MW2 before it, the game certainly runs worse on even high-end rigs.

We can only hope this is just a Beta issue, and will be fixed by the time release day rolls around. However, don’t expect everything wrong with the MW3 Beta to be working by November 10.

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