Call of Duty MW2 Multiplayer is finally here, but there’s a lot that’s wrong with the game right now.

It’s still early days for Modern Warfare 2, as we’re still a few days out from the Season 1 even goes live. However, as ever, Call of Duty fans are an opinionated bunch and they have a lot to say about what they like and dislike.

Right now, early feedback for MW2 is largely mixed. Although it should be said, at least it’s not as negative as the feedback towards Warzone 2.0!

Despite Modern Warfare (2019) revitalizing the COD franchise, some fans weren’t a fan of the game’s take on traditional multiplayer. And so it should come as no shock that not all players are responding well to MW2.

But what are the issues with Infinity Ward’s newest shooter, and will any of them be fixed before long?

All Issues With Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer So Far

Players have complained about the following issues with the Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer:

MW2 Minimap

mercado las almas mini map mw2

One of the most popular complaints with the MW2 Beta is that the game doesn’t feature a traditional Call of Duty minimap. What this means is that players do not show up on the map as a red dot, when firing an unsuppressed weapon.

Seeing as this is one of the most common criticisms with the multiplayer thus far, it’s clear that the decision is an unpopular one.

Infinity Ward explained the following about its opinion on this feature:

  • The map change is a design choice that aims to encourage players to search for the origin of a gunshot instead of running to the red dot generated on the map.
  • The change also aims to avoid punishing the player for firing their weapon.
  • At this moment, enemy players will only appear on the map if a UAV is active.

Heavily Supports Camping

Modern Warfare 2 Camping

One of MW2’s biggest issues is that it supports camping far too heavily. Infinity Ward claims that it aims to support all playstyles, but the game as it stands definitely rewards players for standing still.

On top of the issues above, Ghost being locked behind a mid-game perk means that there’s no protection for flankers, even if they crouch-walk to avoid footsteps.

Sprint to fire time is also very slow, even in MW2 best loadouts, meaning it’s hard to react when rushing into an objective. Almost every attachment also seems to hurt Aim Down Sight Speed, which is leading some players to suggest that loadouts aren’t worth their time.

Bad Spawns

MW2 Beta Combat

Modern Warfare 2 appears to bring back MW2019’s spawn system, whereby players will often spawn near a teammate instead of in a designated location. Because of this, you’re sometimes able to spawn right into danger instead of in a safe area.

What’s more, some players report pushing an enemy player, only to suddenly have a second opponent appear nearby and disrupt the fight.

Frustrating Menus/UI

MW2 Beta Menu UI

Although the in-game UI is fine, the MW2 menus and interface are far too confusing. Initially we believed that this issue was just a Beta thing, but unfortunately nothing changed for launch day.

Not only is Spec Ops, Multiplayer, and Campaign all in the same lobby, but the new Gunsmith is more difficult to navigate than it should be.

Building a loadout usually leads to at least one mistaken button press on our part.

Infinity Ward confirmed it has identified UX issues and bugs relevant to the feedback players have provided, reporting that they will be a priority for the developer moving forward.

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Disbanding Lobbies

MW2 Key Art

This one will always appear on a COD fan’s list of complaints. As with all recent games in the franchise, disbanding lobbies are back, meaning that players will get separated from one another after every match.

Back in the ‘glory days’ of Call of Duty, players could stay in their match to continue on with the same players. Rivalries were formed, friends were made, and those that had a good time could continue playing without searching for a new game.

Despite Infinity Ward reporting that disbanding lobbies should now stay together on occasion, we’re yet to see that occur. And if we had to guess, disbanding lobbies are necessary because of one highly-unpopular feature…

Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM)

Modern Warfare 2 Operator

SBMM or Skill-Based Matchmaking returns in MW2 and it’s still an unpopular feature that isn’t likely to go anywhere soon.

For those unaware, this system is a setting that attempts to match players to those at their skill level in-game, rather than having mixed-skill lobbies. But while this sounds good in theory, stronger players report that their games just become endless lobbies of users that are forced to use the meta weapons and camp for kills.

COD fans have had to work out ways to beat SBMM and find easier MW2 matches, just to have more fun in-game. And we imagine we’ll see similar methods become popular in subsequent Call of Duty titles and Warzone 2.0.

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