COD 2024 may be a year away, but some interesting leaks already reveal a ton of details regarding Treyarch’s upcoming Zombies mode.

MW3 has barely been released but, as usual, fans are already talking about the next Call of Duty title. COD 2024 is confirmed to be developed by Treyarch and rumor has it, it will be the next installment in the ‘Black Ops’ series.

Zombies fans, in particular, are eager to see what this means for the fan-favorite undead survival mode, and we may already have some answers.

MWZ Soldiers and Zombies

All Zombies Leaks

Here is a full compilation of all COD 2024 Zombies mode leaks that we’ve encountered online. Many of them are so widely reposted that it’s difficult to track down the original source, and all should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt.

After all, we’ve still got a year until we even see a reveal for the new Treyarch title, and anything could change in that time.

Round-Based Returns

Perhaps the most exciting news that Zombies fans will hear is that round-based maps are allegedly returning.

Reportedly, Treyarch will bring more iconic round-based experiences back in COD 2024 – after MW3 spent time trialing open-world Zombies, and Vanguard had an unpopular hub world system.

Round Based Zombies Ray Gun

What’s more, we already know a little bit about the first experiences reportedly set to arrive alongside the upcoming game.

Two Maps on Launch

The last few major COD launches to feature Zombies, from Black Ops Cold War, to Vanguard, to MW3, have each only featured a single map on launch.

This is a little disappointing for Zombies fans, as back in the day we would sometimes get up to 4 fully-fledged maps on a new game’s release day.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Team

Now, reports indicate that COD 2024 could have two maps available at launch, though what exactly this looks like is anybody’s guess.

It’s possible that one map could be a traditional round-based experience and another could be more experimental – like MW3 or Vanguard’s Zombies modes.

Map Settings

There has been some dispute about what the two maps will showcase in the leaker community. The most recent leaks indicate that the settings will be a zombie-infested city and an underground prison.

Strings of code in the all-in-one Call of Duty HQ application have been found, hinting at these two settings appearing in the game.

Zombie Prison in Black Ops 4

However, in the past we saw leaks that claimed the two maps were codenamed ‘ZM_Quartz’ and ‘ZM_Garnet’.

Those same leaks discovered that Quartz featured a ‘Deck Cannon Trap,’ indicating to some fans that perhaps it has a boat setting.

Interestingly, those who finished Cold War Zombies’ final Easter egg in Forsaken may remember that the last cutscene showed William Peck chartering a boat south from Japan, and ‘looking for some old friends.’

Garnet, on the other hand, will allegedly feature a multiple-step Wonder Weapon quest that involves ‘vermin.’ Not much we can say about that one, though it could certainly fit into a city or prison setting.

And on top of all that information, there are also leaks about a particularly nostalgic classic map’s return…


That’s right, according to the rumor mill, the iconic Black Ops 2 Zombies map TranZit may be making a welcome return. There are several pieces of evidence to suggest that this might be the case.

TranZit Bus in Black Ops 2

First of all, in a list of potential COD 2024 guns that appeared in the Call of Duty code, fans noticed two Wonder Weapons popping up already.

The first was the Ray Gun, a staple of the Zombies franchise. And the other was something called the Jet Gun, which fans may recognize as the Wonder Weapon first (and only) featured in TranZit!

Jet Gun on Tranzit Zombies
Credit: GregFPS

But the evidence doesn’t stop there. Some fans believe that the TranZit remake has been in the works since Black Ops 4, due to a massive amount of remade assets found inside the game files.

Fans have discovered that both the TranZit bus and its driver, as well as the map’s diner, have been entirely recreated in the BO4 files.

And if the work has already been partially done, it might indicate that Treyarch, at the very least, wants to bring the map back.

TranZit Remake in Black Ops 4 Files
TranZit remake assets in Black Ops 4 Files (via MrDalekJD)

It’s very possible that, should the rumors be true, TranZit will arrive with more of a total overhaul than a straight remake. After all, Cold War’s launch map Die Maschine was a reimagining of Nacht Der Untoten, the first ever Zombies map, and was received pretty well by fans.

Returning Features

Leaks indicate that many features will be returning for the new Black Ops Zombies in COD 2024.

Of course, key Zombies components such as the Mystery Box and Pack-a-Punch are almost confirmed to return, but it seems that Treyarch is also bringing back a few familiar mechanics from past titles.

One of the most interesting reports is that the Aether Crystals rarity system will return, allowing players to boost their weapon’s rarity.

Aetherium Crystals, Arsenal, and GobbleGum Machine in COD Zombies

On top of that, according to @MWIIIntel on X, the Armor/Crafting system may also be returning as it appeared in Cold War Zombies.

And in addition, a string of code appears to reference the controversial GobbleGum Machine from Black Ops 3, indicating that the special consumables may resurface. Let’s just hope it doesn’t incorporate any Pay to Win elements this time around.

That’s all we know about the new Zombies mode in COD 2024 for now, but we’ll update this article as soon as more details either leak or are revealed officially!

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