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Everything We Know About Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village or RE8 is coming this year. Here’s everything we know about Capcom’s survival horror sequel.


The Resident Evil Village Showcase has now revealed fresh details about the game and the multiplayer game RE: Verse.

The Resident Evil Village ‘Maiden’ Demo also releases today – here’s what you need to know.

Here’s every Resident Evil project currently in development by Capcom. Not all of them are games, some are movies and TV projects.

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The hype around Resident Evil Village is building to boiling point. A showcase event will be taking place on the 21st of January. So, we’ll finally see the game in all its gory glory.

But before this happens, lets collate all the details we do know in preparation for the Resident Evil Village showcase. Mild spoilers for RE8 below, and some for RE7 if you’ve not yet played it.  

Resident Evil Village Plot Details

The game sees the return of RE7 protagonist Ethan Winters; who’s still haunted by his ordeal in Louisiana. He's now living in isolation with his family after being reunited with his wife at the end of RE7. He now has a child with her too.

The trailer shows him asking his wife about a creepy tale she’s telling their baby. A fairytale which we suspect will be important as the game's mysteries unfold.

Events force Ethan to leave his seclusion once he suffers a brutal home invasion. This is seemingly committed by original Resident Evil hero; Chris Redfield.

Chris and Ethan met in RE7 and took down the mutated Baker family together. But for some reason, Ethan and his family have now become the target.

Chris enters Ethan’s home, shoots his wife Mia, then takes Ethan prisoner - possibly abandoning him in the titular Village.

However, we’re not so sure it’s that simple, or that series’ long-time good guy Chris has ‘turned heel’ quite so suddenly. We suspect there may be some other forces at work. Or it could be part of a long-con to draw out the game’s villains.

Although Chris has flirted with mental illness, loss, and malevolent rage several times throughout the series. Most notably in RE6, when he obsessively tried to kill the wrongly accused Ada Wong after his teammates' death.

Yet we suspect Chris may be using Ethan as a pawn to take down a larger threat, so the death of Mia may not be all it seems. It's a strange thing to put in the trailer if it plays out exactly like this.

Village Villains

We also suspect that the series' long-time villains, the Umbrella Corporation, could be involved somehow – because of course, they are. Most nasty things in Resident Evil can usually be traced back to Umbrella.

Or the former pharmaceutical company has dabbled with natural phenomenon, creating horrors by blending them with the T-Virus. While the company faced annihilation in RE4, their macabre influence continued long after.

However, in Resident Evil 7, a company calling themselves Blue Umbrella helped Chris rescue Ethan and Mia. As well as the surviving members of the Baker family.

They claimed to be dedicated to Umbrella's redemption. But this is Resident Evil, and intentions are usually nefarious.

The trailer suggested that Umbrella will be connected to the Village. Their insignia is featured in the trailer at certain points. It also seems likely that Umbrella produced the bioweapon responsible for the horrors that are creeping around the Village.

RE Village will not feature traditional zombies, but will feature some bestial humanoid creatures that look like werewolves. Although we think they are a new form of Ganado/Manjini/Javvo/Afflicted creature.  

Some monstrous boss enemies have also been seen due to the Capcom leaks last month. However, we won’t post the pictures as these may be too spoilery. These were stolen without Capcom’s consent, so that also informs our decision.

The trailer also showed a hulking great monster jump off a roof and attack the player. It seemed to be holding a giant axe and bore a resemblance to the Executioner from RE5.

Characters in RE Village

Besides Chris, Ethan, Mia, and their abducted baby, the trailer also features some other characters. A sinister-looking ‘witch’ woman in a big hat seems to be the game's main antagonist.

Her abilities remind us of Marguerite Baker from RE7, who could also control insects. It looks like she’s in control of the Village and has built a cult around herself. Which she rules over from a large castle also seen in the trailer.

The witch also appears to have superpowers, such as turning into a swarm of flies. The trailer shows her drinking Ethan’s blood at one point.

The Capcom leak suggested she’ll be a reoccurring boss. We also suspect she is the one Chris and Umbrella are hunting.

Quite how Ethan and his family fit into this equation we don’t know. But it may be because of both of them became infected in RE7. Their baby could also be a carrier of the newest virus strain.

Other characters in the trailer include a seemingly prophetic cackling old woman. A rather portly merchant (who’s supposed to be a homage to the classic RE4 merchant), and various other villagers.

Like RE4, the villagers seem to be involved in some kind of cult and live in fear. Often praying loudly in circles when in danger.

We’ve also seen a flat cap wearing figure wielding a shotgun in multiple frames. We very much hope this frightening figure is the game’s stalker, following in the footsteps of Lisa Trevor, Leech-man, Mr. X, Nemesis, Dr. Salvador, Ustanak, and Jack Baker.

Resident Evil is at its best when it creates an unstoppable stalker character. One who relentlessly dogs the player’s footsteps, like the characters above. Being hunted by a silent shotgun-wielding maniac would be an original way to do this – and utterly terrifying.

Returning Characters

This is pure speculation, but other familiar faces could turn up in the game. Touted so far are Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Natalia Korda, and Alex Wesker.

The ending of Resident Evil Revelations 2 suggested that Natalia may have been possessed in some form by Alex Wesker. So, this could be an interesting thing to explore in RE Village.

However, it’s unconfirmed so far, so take it with a pinch of salt. A brown-haired woman is in the trailer and looks a lot like Claire Redfield. But we can’t say for sure if this is her or a new character.

Natalia was adopted by Claire at the end of RE:R2. So if that character is returning, it makes sense to see Claire too.

Let’s also not forget that Claire and Chris Redfield are brother and sister. And that Chris has major beef with anyone who has the surname Wesker.

If Alex has found a way to take control of Natalia, this could explain why Chris has become so unhinged. Especially if Claire is in danger.

The question is how do Ethan and Mia fit into all this?

Gameplay in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village looks like a mixture of RE7 and RE4. The village, the castle, and the creepy European setting are very RE4. But the first-person gameplay style looks more akin to RE7.

Capcom has said that RE Village is a direct sequel to RE7, but will incorporate connections to previous entries. So expect epic boss battles with blobby mutations and fiendish puzzles.

The game will be a full-on survival horror title. But Capcom has said it will be slightly more action focused than the claustrophobic RE7. Unlike the tight corridors of the Baker Mansion, the Village will have a more open-world feel.

Players will be able to use a range of melee weapons and firearms. This will help them protect themselves against the unspeakable horrors in the village.

What Else Do We Know?

Resident Evil Village is coming at some point in 2021. We expect the Showcase event next week will give us a concrete release date.

Rumors suggest that a ‘first-hour’ demo will also be made available at some point soon. Something RE7 and the remake of 2, 3 also provided.

In other Resident Evil news, Capcom is supposedly remaking Resident Evil 4 at some point in the future. Although we’re concerned that such a game would like a lot like RE Village.

Finally, Capcom has invited members of their Resident Evil Ambassador program to test a new unannounced Resi game.

2021 is also the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil. So we expect this year to be full of ghastly celebrations and homages to the series!

We speculated that the title could be the rumored Nintendo Switch title Resident Evil Outrage. However the Resident Evil title in question will be a multiplayer game for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

We’re looking forward to learning more about Resident Evil Village on the 21st of January at the Showcase event.

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