Warzone 2 has finally been released and the battle royale game has got a lot of things right.

Warzone 2 has not been out long, so there have yet to be many major changes to gameplay but the general consensus across the community has been largely positive.

Of course, the game is not perfect and there are still big improvements needing to be made.

But what has Infinity Ward got right and what have they got wrong so far with Warzone 2?

Everything Right with Warzone 2

The Warzone 2 community has been loving the following aspects of the game:

Al Mazrah Map

After the community reaction to Caldera, the Warzone 2 map had to be a big hit! Al Mazrah is the largest scale map we have seen in Warzone to date and the community is loving it.

There is no main focal point on the map, meaning players are more evenly scattered throughout the landscape.

While this can lead to a slow mid-game, you can certainly get into the action straight away by dropping into one of the best landing spots in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 Al Mazrah Map

Proximity Chat

Proximity chat has had one of the biggest positive reactions! This feature has led to a ton of funny interactions already.

Whether it is staying silent and eavesdropping on another team’s communication or negotiating a truce with the enemy, proximity chat has added a whole new level of strategy to Warzone.

It also opens up the possibility to trash-talk other players mid-battle.

While throwing insults back and forth at opponents can be fun, it can sometimes be too much for some people. If it gets too overwhelming, you will need to know how to turn off proximity chat.

Another positive aspect of proximity chat is the ability to communicate in the Gulag. The new 2 v 2 Gulag system means you could be paired with a random teammate.

Communication is key to re-deploying from the Gulag in Warzone 2. With proximity chat, you can give your teammate call-outs on the enemy’s position or team up with your opponents to take down the jailer.

This will release all four players back into the Al Mazrah map.

Warzone 2 Gulag

No Slide Cancelling

In the original Warzone, slide canceling was a highly overpowered mechanic. This movement technique let players move across the map at a faster rate.

The movement animation of slide canceling also made you a much harder target to shoot.

The Warzone community has reacted positively now that this mechanic has been removed from the game.

Good Floor Loot

Warzone 2 players have been enjoying the level of floor loot found in Al Mazrah. With only a few ways to get your loadout in Warzone 2, the floor loot needed to match up those custom weapons.

The weapons found on the floor and in loot caches can be extremely powerful.

Often you will find yourself in the end-game with a weapon found on the floor but don’t worry you will have a good chance at winning your gun battles.

Warzone 2 Floor Loot

Everything Wrong with Warzone 2

There are of course things that Warzone 2 has got wrong. Here are the major issues players have with the battle royale game:

Footstep Audio

The footstep audio is the biggest thing wrong with Warzone 2. Enemy footsteps are very quiet and often you do not know they are near you until it is too late.

Hearing the sound of nearby players is extremely important as knowing the direction of players in your immediate surroundings can be a real difference maker in winning or losing a gunfight.

Unfortunately, according to the Warzone 2 Trello board, fixing the audio issues is not on Raven Software’s radar.

Too Hard to Find Money

Finding money in Al Mazrah can be a little tricky. Acquiring cash is important to gain your custom weapons as soon as possible.

You will also need money to redeploy any dead teammates or to buy killstreaks like UAVs.

The slow grind to get the money you need can lead to slower gameplay as players will remain conservative to stay alive until they can get to that buy shop.

Warzone 2 Money

Too Many AI Spawning Around Strongholds

The addition of Strongholds is a great idea. Being able to complete a challenging task to earn a ton of high-tier loot is a good concept to reward players.

However, the areas around Strongholds spawn way too many AI soldiers. Even after clearing out a Stronghold base, AI will constantly spawn around the area.

Even the best players can struggle to survive the constant waves of soldiers. These areas will drain your armor and it is advised to get out of there as soon as you finish completing the challenge.

Stronghold in Al Mazra

The Looting System

While the floor loot has had a positive reaction, the new looting system has not. Players have been finding that looting the backpack of a killed enemy is a slow process.

In the original Warzone, the loot of killed players would scatter across the ground where they died. This made it easy to pick up anything you needed.

However, in Warzone 2, you must open up the backpack and manually select items to enter your own backpack.

This can be a lengthy process and often makes it not worthwhile to loot a dead enemy after a gunfight, especially in the end game.

Warzone 2’s Time to Kill

Players have been complaining that even with three armor plates equipped, the time to kill is too quick.

With the map being so big, gunfights may not come often but when they do, they can end in a matter of seconds.

The time to kill in Warzone 2 does not currently reflect the size of the map. Perhaps an increase to the strength of armor could be a possible fix to this issue.

Another possible issue could be the skill-based match making system in Warzone 2 but that would depend on which side of the debate you are on.

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